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Marriage Talk

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DH and I went to an informal talk with other couples about the challenges of marital life.

50% of the couples had kids. Besides us, 100% of every other couple was in their first marriage. 

I’m sorry. I know it isn’t right to compare and it doesn’t feel good when nonstep parents compare their situations to ours. But I’ve just got to pause and internally chuckle at the struggles I heard about from the couples who did not have children, let alone skids and BMs to contend with.

Oh Yeah, it must be SO hard that your SO likes to talk about their feelings over dinner when you’d prefer to watch Netflix. LOL


Abyway, just wanted to share this for anluagh. It made me feel sorta proud of how much growing up I’ve had to do because of being a Stepparent.


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Lol I hear ya, I didn't know anybody who was a SM while I was going through my stephell. Of course people tried to "understand" but they truly just did not get it.
Years after Spawn phased out I met a SM and I was able to talk with her about my experience and she knew and understood exactly what I went through because she went through it to.

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Lol yeag. I was careful during the talk to not discuss anything step related. Cuz I knew there was no way they’d be able to understand. It was like keeping the conversation G rated around children. 

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Its certainly a unique family dynamic that you really have to be involved in to understand.

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I don't think people outside of a step-situation understand how hard steplife is...
Reminds me of: I know what it is like to be a dog because I have a dog!

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I agree, Letti. However, it doesn't stop people with NO knowledge about something from trying to shove their uninformed, unhelpful opinions down your throat. I certainly would never try to tell someone how to improve their golf game when I don't play.

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Yea. Well, if you HAD related your experiences, perhaps they would have MORE incentive to not let the small stuff get to them Biggrin JK.

Yeah, my SIL the other day told me "just ignore Toxic Troll shes jealous and living in her own world."

Thats a complete understatement! Coming from a lady in her 60's who has a great big house, three successful kiddos grown and out of the house, a fabulous life filled with travel, and her husband is her high school sweetheart!