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13 yo in Victorias Secret Bras

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Is 13 a little young to shop for bras at Victoria’s Secret?

BM takes SD13 there. She always dresses SD13 in “name brand” clothes. I understand wanting your child to have the best. I was treated to “name brand” clothes too when I was yoong. So I know it can be important to wear “the right thing” in middle school. 

But no one sees your bra. And VS isn’t exactly a “body positive” place for the adolescent mind.



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Ehhh... depending on the style I don't see an issue. The T-shirt bras and some of the other pink styles are just bra, nothing really sexy about them.

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You sound like you then would be very surprised to walk into the girls locker room before locker room after PE class in both Middle school and HS. Victoria Secret , unless the mother is buying her the sexiest of the sexiest is quite common. 

I'd be more concerned on the style (actual bra design) than the brand name. Bras can be pricey regardless of where one purchases them(well, I suppose not Walmart, but one can buy inappropriate bras for 13 yr olds there too as far as that goes). 

Most the girls in middle and HS where my daughter went to school had the matching panties/bra. 

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Matching panties and bra? In middle school? That just sounds exhausting. Poor kids. 

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No, I got my first bra from there at around that age, like 14. Not all their bras are super sexy, many are made for comfort and they have a large selection of different sizes. They also have the pink brand, which is geared towards the high school/college aged girls.

I agree with Petronella though, I also am a cheapskate who hates encouraging materialism in kids.

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DH and I now feel better about her shopping there.


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Then I guess things have  changed a lot since I was in middle school. Still seems odd to me. Maybe as a larger cultural issue. I’m relieved she isn’t being forced into anything that is over the top.

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I’m not trying to be some cultural elitist here. I just always saw VS as super sexy pie in the sky type clothing that I would someday own as a grown up successful independent woman. Lol 

Now that i am a grown up woman, I just hunt for the deals.

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I wouldn’t even think to take SD there either because it seems a bit much, but apparently I’m the minority.

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My SD got bras from there around that age. I know that VS had branched out a lot and that it's more of a woman's store than a lingerie store now but it still wouldn't be my choice for a teen. 

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Ok so im not toally alone here.

I think it’s the massive blown up photos of VS angels that is a bit off putting in the context of teen’s mind. I mean, would the teen feel pressure to be super sexy? Or would they just feel cool for having a VS bra? I can’t say. 

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I never really thought of myself as a conservative person but seeing my SD16 grow into a teen I started to feel that way. Her mom has taken her to get her nails done since she was 7, started shaving at like 9 or 10, all her first bras were bright colors that you could see through her shirts, started getting her eyebrows done regularly at 11, got her nose pierced at 15, and I don't think she even owns a normal size t shirt now they're all crop tops. 

I get that kids want to grow up but I think part of being an adult is giving them time to be kids. I can't see being ok with my daughter hitting these "milestones" at the same age as her sister did. 

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I got my bras and panties at VS or Pink when I was in junior high, and most of my friends did, too.

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My great niece is eleven. For Christmas she asked for a gift certificate to Pink (Victoria's Secret). She's a typical eleven year old. And in middle school the girls all wear items from Pink. 


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I got matching bra and panty sets from Caldor and Bradlee's (lol both closed decades ago)when i was 10 or 11. As soon as I was able to afford VS i bought there. Normal to want pretty things. Not necessarily sexual. Like you tnough,  now I'm buying the deals for myself and my kids are getting VS and Pink stuff, lol. To be young and not have the responsibility of adulthood. 

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loves pretty underwear. The rest of use are fine with Hanes. I decided years ago it was not a hill to die on and if it made her happy what was the big deal? Even as a young child she wanted her undies to feature hearts,, butterflies or superheroes while the other kids just wanted underwear in whatever color and would wear them until they fell apart. 

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Where does she supposed to by bra? Walmart? I personally only like VS panties not their bras and me and my DD are way too large breasted to shop for bras at VS, they don’t sell the size but why is it wrong to shop there? 

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VS bras are best for young not too large perky breasts.   They rarely provide the support needed for breasts that are larger, older, etc.   

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I guess. My DD already had large size at 13. We are small people with large breasts so they don’t sell them in VS or actually any department stores in the US. Like 32F or 30FF and so on. She maybe had them small at 10. But i think I just bought sport bras, don’t recall. VS bras aren’t not made for anything out of the norm 

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I guess. My DD already had large size at 13. We are small people with large breasts so they don’t sell them in VS or actually any department stores in the US. Like 32F or 30FF and so on. She maybe had them small at 10. But i think I just bought sport bras, don’t recall. VS bras aren’t not made for anything out of the norm 

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OP - I understand your thought process.

For me it wasn't the VS underwear but the clothing that had PINK splattered across the butt of pants, down the arms of tops and the whale tail hanging out. My opinion was that it was a clear representation of sexuality to the public including grown men.

Of course I was vetoed because, don't you know, BM knows best. So rather than argue about it I just made it very clear and set a boundary that no child would be living under my roof with a child of their own and left it at that. 

In your case, if it isn't flaunted I don't find issue with it at all. 

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I had a major issue with the underwear and also the clothing that had the PINK and VS logos all over it as well.  Essentially it says "Hi, I shop at Victoria's Secret.  Wonder what is under here?  Wink-wink."  Not a great message in middle school.  And like the poster before, I am not conservative.  I am more along the liberal spectrum.  But that does not mean I want a 13 year old girl as a walking bill-board for a store that most associate with sex.  That may or may not be a correct association but it is not like I could constantly walk behind her and broadcast that information.  But BM was OK with it and her father kept insisting on "picking his battles" so SD would be dressed from head to toe in literally satin and lace thongs and bras and leggings with PINK across her butt. 

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all three girls there to get fitted as soon as they had breasts and not buds. I am a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee (lol) and the girls are not so I had no idea on sizing, fit, etc. They were all around 13. Then I had them choose bras that fit well and were the right style for that age. A good VS bra lasts a lot longer than something for Target or Walmart. 

We do not buy the clothes. I don't like the PINK logo on anything. But I am a fan of good bras, underwear, shoes, skincare products and makeup. Everything else I am a cheapskate lol. 

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Victoria's Secret introduced Pink in 2002 - branded to attract high school and college girls. Pink started more as loungewear - not the real sexy stuff. It was more sweats and tank tops, etc. I bought my daughter bras there when she was a teen as well a boy shorts and "visibly branded" PINK stuff.  It was cool for a teen - they all want to be  older and idolize those "angel" models.  VS's thinking is..."If you get them branded early then you have them captured into the adult VS market." 

Personally, I think VS is going downhill.  Every company has it's peak and unless they can expand their brand, they lose market share to the next big name.  PINK was once the hot underwear for teen's worn out.  There's better bras that aren't priming young girls to be sex objects. 

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The pink side of the store definitely is more geared towards her age group and I wouldn't be concerned about it. The VS side definitely is more geared towards women and have seductive bra choices. Plus I agree with everyone about the quality, they hold up better than other brands. Being that age and picking out bras can be awkward, I think being able to pick out some cute girlie bra can make it at least a little less awkward, plus in an enviornment where it is 95% only women around too. Just my opinion.