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Who raised this child???!!

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FSD17 is graduating from high school at the end of May. FDH and I have offered to take her and a friend on a cruise as a graduation present. FDH told her to decide which friend she wanted to take and to let us know by the end of the week so we could book the cruise. This was 2 weeks ago and we have not heard from her AT ALL. This morning, FDH receives a text from BM saying that FSD needs lunch money and hasn't had any for 2 weeks. WHY can't FSD call or text to let us know that? Why hasn't she let us know ANYTHING about the cruise? Is the cruise not good enough for her? Is she SO disrespectful to her dad that she can't contact him to let him know what's going on? I told him to set a date in his head (like Saturday) and if she hasn't contacted him about the cruise by then, then the whole thing is called off. If my daughters were offered a cruise or anything else, they would be jumping all over themselves with excitement....and they would be so appreciative of the offer. I just don't understand why she feels so entitled to act like this.

Fat, little b*tch.


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Indeed. What an ingrate. Give her a gift card from Aeropostale . . or what ever that name of that popular store for teens is and call it a day. A cruise is much too good for her.

Reminds me of when I gave SD money for a graduation gift and never got a thank you. A few years after that she was in a car accident and I sent her flowers. . . her dad told me "she said thanks." I knew then that she was ungrateful and decided she would never burn me again.

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I like all of your answers! The thing about high school graduation is that it's kinda just an expectation that she will finish high school. I didn't get a high school graduation gift because it was just expected that I would graduate. It really is not some huge accomplishment. I mean, I realize that some people don't finish school and I'm not trying to comment on those folks. I'm just saying that she has a lifestyle where she hasn't had to work, has a car and insurance, etc and her "job" is going to school.

The thing that I'm hating right now is that FDH will have to go by BM's house tonight to give FSD money for lunch. I know that she will put on her little dog and pony show for him and act so excited about the cruise and he'll probably feel obligated at that point to carry out the plan. I'm hoping that she won't be there and then she won't call him to tell him thank you for the lunch money and then Saturday will roll around and we can call the whole thing off!! I'm evil.