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Looking for More Interaction

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Blum 3 I went online in search of more of an interactive pen-pal type relationship with someone or multiple someones who are going thru the same thing as I am. I dont really blog, and it takes a while to be able to access someones response with its in a forum like this.
Are there any other Step-Mom's out there on here who would like to email chat as opposed to forum discussions? I am not a weirdo or making myself out to be something I am not, just a really lonely lady who is in need of a possible friend.


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It was really hard for me to start posting on this site, but once I did, I was so glad. I've been able to learn from blogs that seemed quite different from my circumstances. I agree with beaccountable that if you hang around for a while, it will get easier to respond and post your own stuff. By the way, I'm in BC too.

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You will be surprised at how quickly you get responses on both the blogs and forums. If you "connect" with someone, you can privately message back on forth on this site. You might want to stick around and give it a try.