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Tone Up Tuesday

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Guys. I met a friend. Anyone on STalk who knows my story, knows just how huge a deal this is LOL! I moved here 5/6 years ago to be with DH, and I still don't know anyone here. I have been very lonely.

This lovely lady is kind of the same size as me (beautifully cuddly, lol) and she just happened to mention in passing, that she was thinking of joining the slimming class nearby. 

I replied "Ah yes, I used to go, they're very nice" She said "Oh really? Would you consider rejoining, to come with me for my first class this week?" I was a bit nervous but said yes!

She then went on to say "I really need to find a workout class to join too.." 

Well.. that's when I told her about the Nia class! She was very excited at the idea and we're going together to the slimming class AND the Nia class this week! Biggrin (I haven't been back since the first class a few weeks ago, as we've all been sick!)

Omigosh guys! This lovely lady wants to be friends and DO STUFF together! DD2 has fallen in love with her as well, DD is such a good judge of character.. I KNOW this lady is lovely. But DD's approval of her just makes it concrete, lol!

I'm feeling so full of hope at starting the slimming classes again, it might make things harder to bail out if I have a friend who is going there with me.. same thing with the Nia class!

I am being very careful not to overload my new friend with invites to do other things, as I don't want to seem like a socially starved weirdo, desperate for interaction with another human being. Gah.

But I did happen to mention how lovely it was to meet her, as I don't have friends round here. I was so happy that she agreed whole heartedly, she also said it was so lovely to meet someone who was so easy to be around Biggrin

Omigoodness I'm practically flying with amazingness right now, I have a friend!!! A friend who has the same goals as meeee! *feeling happy*

So.. how is everyone else doing?! Xxx


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*Does a dance for Sunny*

Good call on taking it slowly, ,not just for impression's sake, but to protect your feelings too. I'm SO glad you've found a friend that you click with though Sunny!

It will hold you more accountable with the classes, plus it's fun to go with a buddy!

I am trying to stuff myself full of cold medicine so I can go to Abs/Spin tonight. I feel yucky when I miss. DH and I are staying in a tiny house (!) this weekend and doing lots of hiking. I can't wait, we've both been dealing with family stress of different kinds and I am so ready for this break. Nothing tastes as good as a burrito and a beer after a long, challenging hike and we've got some good ones lined up.

Fingers crossed this gorgeous weather holds, this is my favorite time of year!

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Lol thanks for the happy dance Gimmi, that made me smile x I hope you feel better, wow a tiny house I love those! Your break sounds wonderful, especially the burrito and beer lol! Have a great time Xx

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I'm so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs to you Sunny!!!! I just know if you lived here in Sunny , Florida we would be off together on adventures with our 2 year old girls!

Well I applied for my promotion and I got it!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!!!!!!

All is well in my world. I am doing great on my diet. I have a fitness test I have to take for work soon because it'll net me $600 at xmas so I have that coming up this month and it's motivating me to do better. I also want to look good and fit in my business clothes for my new job I'll be starting soon with my current company. I'm moving to Engineering! I'm going to be an Energy Delivery Facilities Specialist. How awesome does that sound?!

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Well I applied for my promotion and I got it!!!!!!! Woot woot!!!!!!!!

Post this as a blog!! Congrats!!

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Aww NoWire, it would be lovely to hang out and let our DD's play! Maybe one day Wink

CONGRATULATIONS on the promotion that is amazing news! It really does sound awesome! And a fitness test too, wow that'll keep you busy! Lol!

So happy for you NoWire! (Hugs) xxx

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That's awesome! And you're right about it helping to keep you in class. I became close to a sorority sister of mine who loves yoga, eating clean and working out. She eats whatever she wants and doesn't skimp out on any extras so she isn't intimidatingly fit. She got me into the gym and I fell in love with having a "girls hour" just to work on us and have company. They say finding friends who have like goals as you is key to finding uplifting lasting friendships. I hope that's what you've found in her, you deserve it.

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Thank you Maxwell (hugs) x I'm really looking forward to it, she even said "It will be our evening, just for us!" (Nia class is right after the slimming class!) Hehehe I'm super happy lol! She's so so nice! Smile