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When you absolutely positively have to have a man. No matter what.

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So, kills first wife with unborn baby. Serves less than 20 years and gets out and marries again. Proceeds to kill two new kids he created plus attempted to kill new wife and did kill her kids. In front of her.

How bad do you want a man to marry and have kids with one that murdered his first wife and baby?


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A true and consummate failure in our justice system. Ive seen women who are entranced with a man who is controlling and abusive. These women have an illness...

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I saw in the comment section (maybe not a true fact tho) that she was denied a restraining order. judge duh.

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I posted this, so I will respond.

I suppose she might not have known about his history... but I think I would be a little curious about a person's past and would want to know what they had been up to and not being able to explain a long stretch of time would be a red flag.

My guess is that she did know.

I understand there can be very complex reasons why someone might stay with or return to an abusive situation.

However, how often do we see people on this site wondering how bad someone needed a man in their life when they are in horrid situations.

It's not just man-hungry as in lust.. it can be financial, family, church.. lots of factors.. but some women just can't be alone too.

No, a poor choice in mate doesn't deserve the death penalty, but when you choose unwisely, your chances of a negative outcome go up. So.. not blame so much as cautionary tale.

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My guess is the second wife thought he was innocent of the first crime when she married him. Wrongful convictions, while rare, do happen. It wasn't until after the marriage that he showed who he really was.

ETA: Oops. Didn't realize he pled guilty the first time. Amending my answer to say I have no idea how you can marry someone who pled guilty to the murder of his first wife. No idea why you wouldn't at the very least Google the name of someone you are dating if there is a large gap in his history.

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There were drugs involved from what I heard. I mean they were both on drugs, so her judgement clearly was clouded