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Unintended Consequences or Trolls are everywhere.

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Ok.. I dare anyone to read the letter to "Annie" and not believe it is a straight up CREW. It sounds suspiciously like the saga of "my man".

I almost blew oreos out my nose.


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This has to be true, because we all love a good solid love story. He sounds like a keeper, and so does she. Such self control she had, but she could no longer hold back from her soul mate. True love is not to be ignored regardless of his wife and kids. Not to mention she will be totally there for him if he is imprisoned again, unlike his ungrateful SD. She is there for "my man". My heart is skipping a beat. Wink

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They almost had me until the incarcerated and SD part too. lol. See, the unintended consequences of the Purge is that they have been released to prey upon the world at large.

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My crew flags go up when ridiculous tidbits are thrown into the story that really have no relevance to the story....

he started trying to flirt with my co-workers, talking slick to them in my presence. I talked to my co-workers and established that no one — and I meant no one — was to entertain my soul mate!

His teenage stepdaughter, who wasn't there for him when he was incarcerated, is always bothering him now.

I think I just HAVE to tell myself someone like this is troll, because the alternative is that these people are real and living among us and breeding. This shit gives the term "the dumbing down of America" whole new meaning. :O

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I guess expert was released to the wild and she now writes stories for other establishments.