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Does anyone else think stepkids get a ridiculous amount biokids never would?

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OK, maybe this is a rhetorical question, but ugh.

I got new glasses a while back and got a pair of frames that was essentially covered by my insurance plus did NOT get the anti-reflective coating because of the cost.

Lo and behold I come across a receipt dated this month where SD19 got new glasses, total cost, wait for it ... nearly $400. This included $70 per lens plus $80 for reflective coating and nearly $200 for the frames.

WTH?! I would NOT do that with my two bios. I would tell them to pick a reasonably priced frame (no more than $100) AND I would not get the coating. I know you can get glasses for half this (if not less) at Walmart, and so does DH.

WHY, WHY, WHY do stepkids always have to have MORE? And WHY do guilty parents always give it to them?!


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I agree 100%. I got fed up and started spending on OUR bio what he spent on his kid...he finally GOT IT!

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Yes, perhaps this happens, but DH has absolutely NO problem telling our biokids no about things like this. I have dozens of examples of absolutely equal scenarios in which he went totally overboard for SD19 and absolutely refused to do the same for our two bios. Like the time he spent $70 on a book order for SD, then when BD wanted to order books he made her work to earn the money ($6), then complained when I bought her $10 worth of books. Or the fact that BD9's winter coat cost $20 but when I bought SD one that was just as nice and cost $25 (I got it after winter on clearance), he refused to give it to SD and instead bought her a $150 coat.

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They do it because they can. Bioparents even in intact families seem to be so worried that their kids will not worship them.

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This is why I do little things for myself like get my nails done monthly. If SD16 can eat at a restaurant a few times a week then I can have pretty fingers and toes Smile

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At one point SD was getting taken out to eat by one or the other of her two parents an average of SIX times a week. No exaggeration. Meanwhile, DH and I could only afford to go out to eat once a month (perhaps because of all the eating out money being spent on SD?!).

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Today is Thursday and SD has gone out to eat 4 times already this week since Monday. Monday night DH gave her money to go get chinese food with her friends. Then she calls from the restaurant to say that her bf's mother invited them to go out to eat. I'm like aren't you eating right now?? I got an attitude from that one. They left the restaurant and went to another restaurant and ate again. Then Tuesday they went to Bertucci's. Then yesterday they went to Friendly's!! Now today she is going to get frozen yogurt with friends. She is constantly asking DH for money to eat!! We never have the money to go to eat but if he stops giving the little shit money we could probably go out a couple times a week!!

All I can say is her ass is gonna be huge!!! Keep eating SD!!