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Mountain out of molehill

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i have made a mountain out a a molehill, but I still find this insulting on my daughters behalf. Ladies would you say anything or just go about your own business. Trouble is I personally ( being a little bit over sensitive I guess and I do struggle to be the better person). Bio daughter with dh is turning one in a few weeks. All grandchildren including sd and as have pride of place pictures up in mils house. Except for my youngest. She is a cute little thing, but mil won’t put her picture up because of a row between sil and she and mil is worried about upsetting sil. The sil gets first priority over mil two sons. She has given her framed photos to put up, but to this date she won’t display them. My point is, that every time she goes to see his family I can’t help but feel disappointed . We know we don’t have control over what other people do, but I just find it all a bit mean spirited. This is just one example of them I guess ‘putting us (and me) in our place’. Sorry this is a rant over a very silly thing I know. It’s not as if I have to live with my mil or my stepkids.


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Row was between sil and husband, my phone isn’t playing ball tonight

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let me get this straight your MIL the babys grandmother will not put up a picture of her grand child because of your SIL???

Thats insane and hurtful. As your baby gets older she will notice this and feel less than. Keep her away .


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Yes it’s certainly not a good idea to ask her to be fake.  I will just put another picture up in our house instead! I will take a leaf out of my grans book and just worry about my own house. My gran has nine children, thirty grandchildren and fifteen great grandchildren and her house looks amazing with all the photos up, and her black and white wedding photos etc. Yes she’s Irish lol. Blum 3

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You have a smart gran. Don't worry about what's going on in someone elses home and ONLY mind what's going on in yours.

When someone shows you who they are believe them!

There is no love lost here. You keep living your best life with your head held high.

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Your MIL is a coward.  Obviously there is a dynamic where she is afraid that standing up to your SIL will lose her access to her grandchildren.  Perhaps SIL has withheld before?

It sucks.. but like your Gran said.. can't control other people.. only your reaction.  Obviously, you are equally not required to set yourself afire for your MIL either.  Although, I personally would find it super sexy if my DH (her son) would make a habit of sneaking in framed pics of our child to his mom's every time he  Kind of make his mom do an easter egg hunt in her home to find them..haha  (but don't tell her... let SIL rage at MIL when SHE notices them).. Petty? yes.. Passive Aggressive?  Yes.. Fun past time.. Absolutely.