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Mountain out of molehill

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i have made a mountain out a a molehill, but I still find this insulting on my daughters behalf. Ladies would you say anything or just go about your own business. Trouble is I personally ( being a little bit over sensitive I guess and I do struggle to be the better person). Bio daughter with dh is turning one in a few weeks. All grandchildren including sd and as have pride of place pictures up in mils house. Except for my youngest. She is a cute little thing, but mil won’t put her picture up because of a row between sil and she and mil is worried about upsetting sil.

OT popcorn thread

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Is it ever acceptable to buy ones mother in law a broom? Just venting, I’m hoping people will send some funny replies though. I came across a picture of mil, sd, and sil the other day and they looked like the witches of eastwick all day together. Broom like present maybe. A small tree for the garden (living upside down broom) maybe acceptable? *yes I’m awful you don’t need to tell me*

daily life tips and hacks please if you have any

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Anyone got any tips for dealing with resentment of SO, about stepkids. You know, simple stuff ‘sayings’ like it will all look better in the morning’. Stuff to get through each day. I’m absolutely fine when it’s just my 2 bio kids and I at home. It’s absolutely lovely. Then my SO comes home from work, and I lack the creativity to keep my brain occupied so I don’t stick my foot in my mouth and come out with husband has currently taking to sitting staring at me when I go quiet in a bid to ‘chill out’. And it makes me quite uncomfortable. 

I kid you not

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so when we looked online to check our counsellors credentials that my husband booked through work, the lady ( who I am sure is very nice) looked like a morph between my stepkids bio mum and his last ex girlfriend so we had to book something else. I hope that’s makes someone laugh. Have a good day...

More counselling

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So I have asked my DH to go to counselling again which he has agreed to. Commication has never been easy between us, I am going to have a his family his problem approach from now on, so as long as it doesn’t affect my two little girls, it’s his business. If he wants to put up with bad treatment from his family of origin, and his grown up children that’s his problem.

Want to walk away

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My DH was in a relationship before he ended up with me. I in no way caused his marriage break up. When we first got together all of us used to get on well enough. Sometimes it was even fun! DH and I got married at a registry office with just 2 witnesses. I was pregnant at the time and we were in love and thought we were going to get our happy ever after. How wrong was I. I would like to add that at the time it was the only way we could afford to get married, 4 kids between us with another one on the way.