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Goodbye and thank you

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So in the past few days I found out just how far the rabbit hole goes with in laws and step kids.

disengagement didn’t work, it only made them more spiteful. If it was only aimed at me I would suck it up. But it is particularly aimed at my one year old daughter - because they don’t like me. Which I find quite disgusting.

my soon to be ex husband had three years to grow a pair and keep it away from me. So today I filled in my divorce petition, and paid for it. No going back now. Stuff the lot of them. I only get one life. 

I am saying a goodbye, with a view to checking in occasionally. I’m sure my step kids will at some point have to see my their half siblings, and I’m sure they won’t make it easy. 

Thank you Esmod for your wonderfully mature well thought out reply’s to me and other people. Thank you ‘noskidschitchat’ wherever you are for your blunt honesty which the world needs sometimes. And all the others that have helped me along the journey the short time I have been in here. I wish you all the best with your journeys and every happiness. 


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I'm sorry! good luck to you.

I also have a 1 year old and you are much better than me, b/c if I divorce my H (and it's very possible) I wouldn't care one single bit if the step kids ever saw their 1/2 sister....I've got 3 older kids of my own that can be the siblings.......It would certainly never happen on my time. I wouldn't even let the baby see my MIL on my time....after all the years of drama and stress....heck no.

I think you will eventually figure out that this will make you happy and you will finally have a happy and normal life. I am envious that you realized your DH will never change.....I still hold out hope but I know it will never happen.

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It takes so much bravery to take such an important step to get your power back, to live your truth, and live a happy life.

It may not be easy but its sure worth it. Cheers to new beginnings and living YOUR best life on your terms.

Give rose

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It's not an easy decision, but it's obviously the right one. Wishing you the best. {{{HUGS}}}

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Thats so brave of you to take this step, take a stand!

Many best wishes to you in this new journey.

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((((HUGS)))))) to you as you begin a new chapter in your life. You will find joy and you will find happiness. You will find peace.

Live your life on your terms and as abundantly as you can. Dont be so quick to allow his adult kids to be around your bio's especially if they caused harm to them. ---and tell the Judge that too. Remember "CHILD PROTECTION FIRST".

My bios and "our" bios want nothing to do with bm's kids. for very good reason. Dont allow anyone to tell you you must bridge that relationship...dont abuse my kids and play that garbage with me, dh and the kids.


**I was actually so relieved over 20 years ago when I divorced my xdh. I didnt look back. After 6mo to 1 year we got our heads out of our rears because of the kids. 50 50 no child support. We are polite and cordial. My dh and xdh get along ok too**


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unfortunately if skids never wanted a relationship with you or their half siblings and are self centred arseholes, you divorcing their dad doesn’t change things.

my husbands exwife is bat shit psycho crazy. Sd’s are brainwashed by her and there are red flags all over. More and more crap gets passed onto hubby about what is going on with the daughters and their mum.. its sickening

any sane parent has a duty to protect their kids from people dangerous to be around. When you have an exwife threatening your hubby that she’ll have her kids kill their dad, has her police brothers and dad threaten to shoot and stab hubby, goes to with drs for spiritual healing and to do black magic, you’re insane to allow your bios to be anywhere near their half siblings for the sake of maintaining a relationship 

in my case skids have no interest maintaining a relationship so why should i push for one. They’re strangers to me and my kids, skids are a relationship for hubby to manage

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That these people can not parent there kids in a healthy way. In the end the kids will be happy because they will be functional adults with good life’s for themselves,  Now they create a disfunctional adult, mini wife’s young kids who can not do anything else but play video games.  Then they shoot up a store full of people and you wonder why.