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SD19 is pregnant

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Welp, add me to the list.  SD19 is 10 weeks pregnant.  I'm going to be a Nain!
Yep, I've already picked out my name.  My great grandmother was a Nain and I'm going to be one too.  It's Welsh for Grandma.
Her boyfriend of not even 2 years is 25.  We all think he's on the spectrum of some sort, he's an odd duck.  They just moved in together at the beginning of the month.
She had a BC implant, but had it taken out in MARCH.  So her protests of it not being planned seem a little hollow, I call it accidentally on purpose getting pregnant.
I'm such an idiot.  She had gained weight since graduating high school and moving out, but we saw her in late July and she was chunky and her boobs were HUGE.  AND she was complaining of nausea, but had just gotten on a new medication so we thought she was adjusting to that.  HELLO, she's pregnant!!!!
This isn't the best of situations, she's a very naive, immature 19 year old.  But, it's not MY teenaged daughter that got knocked up out of wedlock so.......YAY BABIES!!!!  Yep, I'm kind of excited about it, but keeping it on the DL since DH is quite upset, understandably.  
She's going to need a lot of help.  We live about 30 miles from them, BM lives 120 miles from them, so we're going to be more involved just from a distance standpoint.  I'm not very close to either SDs, but our relationship is civil and I plan all the holiday/birthday get-togethers, etc.  I never lived with SD23, waited until THAT nightmare was moved out.  I lived with SD19, SSnow18, and DH for 2 years before SD19 graduated high school and moved out during the summer.  I don't think a situation would arise where SD would try to withhold or demand control via the GC, but having been around the Stepping block a few times, I will guard my heart accordingly.
But, until otherwise......YAY BABIES and I'm going to be a Nain!!!


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Congratulations! I'm glad you're excited and you've decided your level of involvement already. Hopefully that part goes to plan. You have a better chance of it since BM lives father away but BM might be around quite a bit going forward and grandkids are usually closest to the maternal grandma so be aware that may be how it goes. How fun with it though!

I don't get the accidentally on purpose pregnancies. If you don't want to get pregnant it's pretty easy to avoid it. Accidents and BC failures happen but women out there will have you believe these accidents occur at a much higher rate expected. I mean if you don't use any form of BC then what do you expect to happen?

There are also tons of women with self diagnosed infertility for whatever reason saying they *just know* it's hard for them to get pregnant. So many "miracle" babies happen this way.

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Congratulations on the fun part of babies!

Just proceed with caution and make sure you and DH sit down and have a REAL conversation about how much help you are willing to give- time and financial.