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Some good news for a change....

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My daughter is pregnant Smile

Very early in the process, but knocked up nonetheless Blum 3

I am going to be a Mimi sometime this summer.

Yay babies!!!


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Congratulations on the coming bundle!!

I was in Old Navy today and they had the cutest little outfits and mixy-matchy stuff. And oh, so tiny, too.

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Congratulations. I've really enjoyed the new bond I've gotten with my mother since she became a grandma and I hope you will share that too.

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First grandbaby! Such an exciting and fun time.

Once you learn the gender so you can shop, your wallet will never be the same. Smile

Congratulations. Good times ahead.

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So frickin' awesome, WOB! I love babies when I can have my fun with them and give them back.