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ending CS when 18

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This whole marrying a married guy has more strings attached than anything else i've ever done!
I went and had a peaceful weekend at my parents this weekend. Saw my niece and nephew and spoiled them.
i get home and DH before even saying welcome home says "pain in my ass" called and says i have to pay $70 to end the order on ss18 so that it will be modified down to the one child.
this has me looking up teh state of iowa child support sites and seeing that we need to do a step modification so that ss18 will drop off and adjust for ss16, there is no paperwrok online for this, but there's all sorts of shit for a reconciliation.
i'm having to do all the work because DH claims to have no idea what to do an he only knows how to research car parts, golf clubs, weekend get aways, and porn.
I cant stand BM and want to end all $$ going to her so of course i'll do the work.
who knows the steps for when a skid turns 18 and gets to stop paying on them???


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Hmmm...Sorry I don't have any helpful information. I just "assumed" when the kid turns 18 you just quit paying. I hope you can get the info your looking for soon.

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It depends on your state's child support statutes; the local court rules; if an agency is involved, their rules; the wording on the order; and the way in which you've been paying (meaning directly, income deduction, garnishment, through the state....).

And it's not always a simple process, especially when there is another minor child for whom support is owed. Honestly, I know it's not what you want to hear, but I would get an attorney to do it. I've seen cases where the NCP ended up paying exactly the same thing after one child graduated. To compensate, the court just made all kinds of upward deviations in the support order for the remaining child. The ex-wife (our client) had a good attorney (one of our best...she had the money). NCP (dad) was not represented. I'm not saying that it's a common occurrence, but it does happen.

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Well, idk about your state but in Ohio, I just got a letter from CSEA middle of last week. To let me know that on my BD 18 b-day child support will stop, unless she hasnt graduated yet, then I would need to turn in paper work from school to let them know her graduation day. Then CS would stop on that day. I don't have to do anything or file anything.
(it's not a big deal to me either way----Bio-dad has not and does not pay any $$)