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Stupid entitled ungrateful snot

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Was stalking SD20 twitter the other day and she tweeted these exact words: " I wonder what parental assistance in life feels like?"

I haven't told DH because he's been busy ya know... ordering new tires for the car that we are GIVING her and cleaning out the car that we are GIVING her. Let's not forget about the $150.00 a month that DH has been GIVING her while she's at college, and all the thousands of dollars that DH has GIVEN her over the years in ski passes that she never used, sports equipment that she never used or lost, video games and cell phones that she lost or trashed, and of course I could go on, but I don't want to bore you all with it. I can't stand this entitled twattling.

I wonder what it feels like to have a normal, non narcissistic, non sociopathic SD in life? :?


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" I wonder what parental assistance in life feels like?"

my reply to this if I was your DH:

Oh I'm so sorry my girl, I thought it was giving you a car, allowance cause you are to lazy to work, buying new tires for the car, having the car on insurance, paying for your college, sporting equipment, I thought parental assistance was supporting you through everything, but seems to me it's not, thus I will be stopping immediately...

Love Dad

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Ok, we don't pay for her college. DH was not stupid enough (praise Jesus) to do that.. because he knew she would probably flake.. like she just did and decide to quit or fail or whatever. She's still there at the moment, but no clue what her grades are like and honestly don't care because SHE is paying for it. And no she will NOT be on our insurance. We are giving her the car and insurance and everything else that goes along with car ownership is HER responsibility. Maybe she feels slighted because EVERYTHING is not being handed to her? Or maybe she's just a twat... pretty sure it's the latter.

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She is probably comparing herself to her peers. If you ask me, the current 20-something generation is getting TOO MUCH "parental assistance."

I think you are doing more than enough. She should count her blessings that she is not falling into the general "forever child" millennial stereotype, of whom are completely supported by aging parents, while they spend any money they earn on their own to travel and live the high life, all while whining about how they can't find jobs (aka not willing to work for less than "insert arbitrary large amount of money here" and "insert ludicrous working hours and demands from future boss").

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As part of the 20-something generation... I'll vouch for it. I didn't get assistance, but I literally have a friend who's parents pay for her to just travel around and not work... Or there's BM who's getting literally a monthly paycheck from her parents to do nothing... I don't get it. I already talked to DH about the Skids and how we weren't just going to hand over piles and piles of money... That s*** is ridiculous. What ever happened to hard work?

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YOu know if you confront her about this, or if DH confronts her about this she will say it was aimed at BM .....

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Lol I so wish you would have tweeted back exactly that!!!

"I wonder what it feels like to have a normal, non narcissistic, non sociopathic SD in life"

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I'm waiting for the right moment. I have learned over the years to not just come at him randomly with this kind of stuff. If I wait for him to broach the topic of SD acting like a arsehole (which is ALWAYS guaranteed to happen, because she ALWAYS acts like one) it works much better to slip in my little tidbits then. So patiently I wait.

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I paid my own car insurance, rent and food. I never received any monthly stipends from my parents. Dad gave me some gift cards to grocery stores once in a while (awesome!) and he helped me with books one semester. So...princess has much more parental assistance in her adult life than I ever knew as normal.

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Right? My parents gave me a car. It had no radio, was a base model 5 speed Dodge colt. Nothing fancy whatsoever, but I was more than grateful and I paid my own insurance, repairs, gas etc. The car we are giving her has a lot of miles and is a 2005, but it is loaded... 6 CD changer, panoramic moon roof, leather, power everything. And my parents NEVER handed me money every month and I never asked. NEVER! because I was responsible and I had a job. If my friends wanted me to go out and I didn't have money until next paycheck, I passed. But as usual, nothing is ever up to her entitlement standards and to be honest... DH helped create a lot of this entitlement monster as you all know.

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I blame hollywood and social media. There is some fictional myth out there that "everyone else" has perfect parents that pay for everything... throw them super sweet 16 parties and buy them new cars when they get their driver's license...and another upon high school graduation. They are also presented with trips to Europe and only wear brand new high end clothing and shoes.

My OSD was one that felt especially gypped by the lot she drew in life. The kartrashians have made them feel like they just aren't getting their due.

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Sounds exactly like my SD21. Dad helps pay her rent (before she got on welfare), pays her phone bill , buys her whatever game system and computer she wants , drives her everywhere, but when he couldn't afford to send her on a 10K vacation to Europe she blasted him on Facebook saying how "my dad has a new family now, he can't do anything for me anymore ". And not to mention she tried to guilt trip him by saying it's so unfair because her father and I, two working adults , go away to Niagara Falls every couple of months for the weekend. Life's just so unfair when you're given everything you want and suddenly something doesn't go your way !!!

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I have a cousin who is 21 and she works for everything she has and is in college and doing great. I know not all 20 some year old are not like this but it seems the majority are. I really do not understand this mentality that literally kids think they are owed something for doing absolutely nothing.

I blame the media and social media. I think Social Media is a true downfall to this world. Yes I have an FB account but I do not post much or even really pay attention much to what other people post. I have my life and and I am happy.

I think there should be a class or something about the ugly truth about social media and how what people post is not always the truth. I really wish everyone would educate their kids that what you see on the internet is not always real. It has really gotten out of control.

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My sister, who I love dearly, pulled this crap while driving around in the car my Dad gave her and paid insurance and maintenance on, while talking on the cell phone my Dad paid for, and while spending the $60 (or more) monthly allowance he gave her while she was living with friends so she didn't starve. Since he and Mom wouldn't pay for her to go BACK to college, she felt they didn't care and weren't helping her enough in life. I chewed her out, in public, and told her not to let the door hit her on the arse as she walked out.

I think a lot of young adults feel this way, but I think it's the responsibility of those of us who are older to chew them out and set them straight. Okay, "responsibility" may be a bit much. Maybe "privilege" for getting to call out little brats is more appropriate.

I'd blast her on social media. I do it to my SSs when they are being ungrateful s well, in front of God and everyone. Don't act like a whiny child and I won't treat you like one.

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Social media yes!

SD14 loves watching those YouTube videographers that show "how they do things" that are totally set up.

DH pointed out the fallacy of that and she was PO'd. Didn't quite believe him that it's all marketing. To make you WANT STUFF. So that's what she watches all day, literally, on the weekends while she dreams about pretty rooms and decorating, but meanwhile essentially lives in a trash heap with no clean clothes - literally.

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I wouldn’t show my husband the tweet and I would stop stalking her. I don’t think it’s healthy for you.

Of course she’s going to complain to get sympathy wherever she can from her peers. And that’s her prerogative. You know who she is your husband knows who she is. I would stop the emotional torment of witnessing her proclaiming it to the world. Let her complain. We all know in the long run it’s not going to do her any good in this life.

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you are correct. It's a habit that I got in to because half the time I feel like it's the only way to prepare myself for SD shit storms... ya know like she's coming home in a week, or quitting college or whatever. Half the time, DH doesn't even know the crap she's conspiring and I don't like being blindsided. But you are right, it's not healthy and I really DO need to stop.

And in her defense, I guess she could have been referring to BM in her Tweet, since we all know that BM does jack squat for her. Sad

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Maybe the thoughtless brat was taking a swipe at her BM or someone from that dirtbag side of the family?

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Daizy, you should post on her FB exactly what you put on here:-

ordered new tires for the car that we are GIVING you and cleaning out the car that we are GIVING you. Let's not forget about the $150.00 a month that dad has been GIVING you while you are at college, and all the thousands of dollars that dad has GIVEN you over the years in ski passes that you never used, sports equipment that you never used or lost, video games and cell phones that you lost or trashed, and of course I could go on, but I don't want to bore you all with it.

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nothing is EVER enough to a spoilt child. That's why we have so many "depressed" children; idle to a fault with nothing to do BUT get high on drugs.

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So what happens when daddy and/or mommy drop dead?
Hope they (enabling parents) all have 150 million dollar life insurance policies so their 50 year old babies will be able to live in the comfort they have been raised in.

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entitled brat - grrrrr

"i wonder what adulting on your own like a big girl feels like?"