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YSD Birthday

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YSD is turning 15 soon.

DH was talking with me about what he wants to get her. A trampoline.

Me: I do not agree but I have no say, and will not have anything to do with it.

DH: I thought you'd say that. That's ok. What are your reservations?

Me: Her getting hurt as she's not careful and accident prone, her using it for a day or two then she's done with it (15!), Putting it together and proper upkeep, storage, etc....

DH: but she really wants one. She never asks for anything.

Me: I am not telling you no. You wanted my opinion. I'm not stopping you. It's a good way to try to keep her here isn't it?  My only requirement is that it not be in the front yard.

DH: yeah, she's almost 15 but she acts younger (this is becoming an excuse quickly....Cover must not let this go on!) So she's going to use it a lot. And it would be annoying to see her in the front yard bouncing around. I could put it on the basketball area.

Me: it's not about her using it in front, it's about other's using DH not neighbors, neighbors KIDS! Jeez. And putting a trampoline on CEMENT? A hard landing?!?!?

DH: yeah, you are right. It's kind of complicated to put together.

Me: ok. Require her to help you or it doesn't get set up.

DH: great idea, she likes to do that.

So you all, this will be interesting. DH is notorious for not quiiiiiite putting things together correctly. Also our back yard has no flat spot. Unless it goes waaaaay back there. This will not end well. 


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15 and a trampoline.  Kids sure are different today.  After it sits for awhile, it will be sold.  Or become an "adult" activity space.    I'd have HIM check with your  home insurance and see how protected you are from possible claims.  

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oh, good point!

Message sent to homeowner's insurance co.  Looks like he would likely have to purchase a rider to cover the trampoline; pending verification.  DH has been informed that we will not lose our homeowner's insurance over this.


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DD pouted and wanted a trampoline.  She was convinced this would somehow help her be a cheerleader.  For the record, she was a short, unathletic person, most likely not cheerleader material.  Like you, we dont have a flat backyard.  So, for many reasons, it did not happen.  But, with 5 kids here and each having many friends,  I most feared other kids getting on it and getting hurt.

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YSD got hurt pretty bad on one years ago - bruised her ribs.  She, to my knowledge, has not been on one since.

OSD BEGGED for one for years when she was around 12-13. Hard no from me back then because it was more of a demand.

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This is actually an upgrade from DH wanting to install an airial (think silks hanging from the ceiling a la fancy air gymnastics) hangar in our living room.  YSD "does" airial stuff for a couple years now (super super expensive but it's all on DH, after the recital fiasco 2 years ago I disengaged from anything to do with it).  It's 'online' now which has recently required the kids to have an airial set up at home; they were doing floor stuff before. Of course, DH finds out BM has done this IN HER (BMs) BEDROOM - likely the only place for it. So Dh asked me if we could install one in our living room, the only place but for the garage for one - UM NO. * You'd have to move ALL living room furniture each class session AND move it back and I'm not helping. * You'd have to get a safety mat for the floor   * You'd have to install the proper hanging mechanism (i.e. talk with the instructors) *  You'd have to hire a handyman to properly install it and NO damage will happen and NO equipment will be ever stored in the liivng room.

That never happened, now this.

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Who the heck gets a trampoline for a 15 year old? Your DH is an idiot.  Totally stupid.  I mean if you have younger kids, maybe-our was pain to get rid of after years of it being an eye sore.  Honestly they only used it a couple of years TOPS.  At least we didn't buy it new, got it from my friend being tired of having it in their yard ha! 

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I know!!!!

But she realllllly wants it.

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Skids never used the trampoline at BMs back in the day... they were 12,11, 8 when I came around and she already had it. She tried pawning it on us when they got older... yeah no. 

15 is old for one. IMO 

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Wow 15 and wanting a trampoline that does seem odd.  Oh well I'm sure she will use it one or two times.

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The piss on the toilet shows that SD15 has reeeeeally poor bladder control. Tell your DH last thing you want is a piss soaked trampoline in your yard. How about she keeps the toilet pee free first.

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"DH, instead of spending $1,000+ on a trampoline, why not buy her an annual pass to a trampoline park and take her there as a father-daughter activity when she wants to go?"

I know that's more involved than you likely want to be, but it gets SD what she wants at a fraction of the cost WITHOUT risking your homeowner's insurance AND gets SD and DH out of the house a few hours on weekends.

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There is nothing like that near us at all.

I'll be talking with insurance company tomorrow so that will be a deciding factor for sure.

This whole thing is dumb and just a bribe in the end really.

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I'm wondering WHEN she actually said she wanted a trampoline. If it was when she was 8 or 9, well that would be fairly normal. Could it be that your dh doesn't understand that kids grow up and what they want changes accordingly? That something she desired with all her heart years ago might not thrill her at all now? 

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100% certain this is a request made last week. She may be 15 but acts more like 12.

We did have a discussion about how to help kids grow the eff up.  Of course, my suggestions are too harsh.


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We paid $300+ for a stupid trampoline out the back and the skids barely use the thing now. They are 6 and 8! The novelty wore off so quick.