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Food thief is back

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For the FOURTH time, PigFace15 has eaten nearly all of my M&M's.  That were hidden in my room in a cupboard, covered in clothing.  Liar, sneak, thief.  All in a day's work for a thieving pig.

As promised, I gave an eye for an eye.  I took most of the bread, most of the lunchmeat slices, the box of breakfast bars and the new peanut butter.  4x a thief, 4x the food items PigFace likes.  Now, there is plenty of food stocked in the kitchen.  These are just the easy, lazy, first choice items that he prefers.  I also left fun notes like "Oh no, the peanut butter is gone!  Isn't it fun when people take your food?"

After he left for school, I went in the kitchen to see what liar pig had figured out.  Not much by the looks of it.  It seems what he took to school and/or ate for breakfast was the block of cheese.  There is a big box of cereal in the cupboard but that went untouched.  I did leave 2 slices of bread but apparently those weren't good enough when he couldn't find the peanut butter.  Lunchmeat untouched.  Nothing else really used or consumed except cheese.

This is what happens when a child has no life skills or critical thinking.  It would never occur to him to eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast or make tuna out of the 7 tins and mayo that is in the cupboard for school lunch.  Or take the tortilla chips as a snack.  Or grab the orange and/or banana that is on top of the microwave.  Or eat the slice of salami left or the link of sausage saved from last night or the crackers, etc.

Nope, just cheese.  There is a variety of 30 different popsicles in the freezer for his dessert each night.  He will find 2 left tonight.  The others will be hidden in a frozen vegetable bag.  I also have all of his favorite books, ps4 and coloring books.

Want to be a thief m'er f'er???  Bring it on!  As I am p*ssed as h3ll and give zero sh*ts.  DH is also installing a locked handle on my bedroom door today.  

As I always say - I HATE teenagers.



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This is where i am at with SS18. Your SS sounds so much like mine. The cheese, they love that.

But the thought that he is prepared to rummage all through your things, your clothes even, is horrible. Could you lock your bedroomdoor?

SS here has been raking part in a scout thing this week, they live at scouts and go to school in the morning from there and return to eat and sleep there. It has been WONDERFUL, i cannot tell you how great its been without him and not having to lock everything up. Sadly, he comes back tonight *sorry2*

Doesn't look like your SS is going to change. What does your DH think of it all? 

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Perhaps we could both ship our SS's off to a remote island.  If only...

DH is fuming angry.  He is a softie but he absolutely cannot stand liars and thieves.  SS is going to be his slave all weekend.  DH won't see SS until he comes home tonight from work but plans to scare the life out of him.  Just loud voice and mention of reporting to the police and that sort of thing.  Hopefully it works because next time I'm locking the damn skid out of the house!  Perhaps a night sleeping in the garden will have him re-thinking life.

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I get your DH doing the lock but tell me, is he going to put his foot up this kid’s ass? How is he going to make this kid’s life a living hell for being a thieving liar?

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He is going to be DH's slave all weekend.  Besides having his room emptied.  DH babies him most of the time but one thing he cannot stand is lying and stealing.

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Your bedroom should be OFF LIMITS! How dare he even go through your things. Whatever happened to respecting your privacy and not to mention HOME. Was he not taught to respect other peoples things? I would be furious! Get a lock for your bedroom and make sure your H puts his foot in his @ss. This is just unacceptable at this point. You can't even enjoy your M&M's without him scavaging around like an animal looking for food....smh.

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And tell him you're going to start hiding bags of M&Ms that you've put some dog crap into the bag so - BEWARE!!

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It IS off limits but PigBoy had lost his damn mind these past few months.  I don't even know what to say. I'm just so angry!

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I know it's not funny and you are frustrated as heck but reading your posts on this always  make me giggle. I love how you handle things!

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He is doing these things on purpose just to annoy you.

This kid is not too stupid to eat cereal or make tuna if he is clever enough to locate your hidden M&Ms four times in four different locations.

He purposefully took the block of cheese to serve two purposes: 

1. Annoy you

2. Hopefully make his dad feel sorry for him that he “had to” take a block of cheese as a meal.

This boy is locked in an ongoing power struggle with you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he figures out a way past your bedroom door lock in the near future.

He gets a real kick out of pissing you off and then acting surprised and playing dumb. He is not dumb. He is manipulating.

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I agree that he's doing this with me as the target.  I give zero flips about the cheese or what he did or did not eat.  Just wanted him to know what it's like to not have food you really want.  DH had no idea I did anything.  I put everything back after PigFace left and he'd never say anything. 

I DO care about his lack of basic respect and that I'm the target.  This WILL end with this f'ing skid regretting he's ever met me if he doesn't wind his damn neck in.

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This ^^! No way would any child in my home violate my trust and rummage through my personal items. That is a do and die for me! 

This kids needs a come to Jesus moment. Sometimes hard work does that. 8 hours a day, all weekend. And if you don't have enough for him to do then help out a neighbor or friend. Each and every time. Think chain gang! 

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I too, was once locked in a power struggle with my former Step-Daughter, back when SO and I were still married and living in the same house.  SD took **enormous** joy in doing things like this to piss me off.  SO had SD's back, of course, so there was no correcting of behavior.  I just tried to make SD's victories as Pyhhric as possible.  For example:

1.  At random times, I would "box" SD's room.  She was a huge slob, and would leave her stuff scattered all over her room.  Sometimes, I would just pack everything up into boxes, and put them in the closet.  SD would lose her shit when she'd come home to a clean and orderly roof.  Of course, all of her items were just randomly thrown together in different boxes, so she had to search through all of them to find things she wanted.  Also, since I wasn't actually "getting rid of her stuff," SO didn't have too much to say.

2.  A couple of times, I removed SD's door, and locked it in another room.  This was after she violated household rules about not locking herself in her room.

3.  SD was extremely irresponsible, and lost at least 5 cell phones that her bio-daddy bought for her.  It's possible that she might have had some "help" losing a couple of those.

4.  SD trashed a family computer by going to a bunch of sites that dumped malware on the hard drive.  I added a password after that.  She never said anything, but when I saw all of the failed log-on attempts, I knew that I had gotten under her skin.

At the end of the day, resorting to these tactics is certainly not ideal, but when our partners don't support us, we have few options.  I was going to be damned if that little terrorist ran roughshod in the house THAT I 100% PAID FOR, without having at least a few inconveniences.  

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A block of cheese?? WTH. Who takes a block of cheese for lunch? Oh, that's right. A lazy child of today. Dash 1

When we found out that PigPen was stealing, DH told Piggy that if he ever stole again, he would no longer be welcome at our home. Nothing has gone missing since then.

Cooooookies, I hope your DH runs PigFace so ragged, he falls into bed at night, exhausted, crampy, and whimpering. Little arsehole.

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 Since he just looooooves going through MY things... I have returned the favour.

Let's just say it will take him awhile to put his ransacked room back together!

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Since this is such a HUGE invasion of your privacy, he has done it multiple times and obviously past warnings and punishments have done no good, being your husband's slave for the weekend doesn't seem like a harsh enough punishment.  I hope your husband makes things very miserable for this kid until he learns to respect you, your privacy and, of course, your M&Ms.

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When it gets like this i dont think any of the usual punishments work. They dont seem to have any conscience at all.

We have told SS18 that if he steals he won't be welcome here any more, he has always been made to return items or pay for replacement etc, he has had his electronics removed and now is finally on a complete internet access ban until we have seen a sustained and complete change in these behaviours.