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BM of the year!

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We have custody of SS and BM gets visits every other weekend and every Monday night. At this point she can't take him overnight on Sunday nights and Monday mornings because her "medicine" makes her too tired to wake up. It's quite the coincidence that this problem with waking up occurred within days of him calling the police on her for a fight she was having with her boyfriend.

ANYWAY, a few weeks ago I woke up and there was cough medicine on the counter in the kitchen and my DH explained that SS was coughing that night (whatever). He hadn't coughed once while he played video games and I was on the way to bed. It's pretty much an attention thing. The next day and a few days after that SS had this intermitent cough that would only happen when he was in trouble, or told to go entertain himself and stop pestering everyone. Since my DH and I never gave him any attention or cough medicine for it, the little cough stopped.

Fast-forward to today and he has just spent his two hours at his mom's house. She texts us "I gave him cough medicine" and I want to punch her. There is no freaking reason to give him cough medicine even if he is actually coughing unless he can't sleep. She just wants to be BM of the year by giving in to the attention that he wants during the little time that she can have him. She could have him ALL night and baby the heck out of him, but the reality is she DOESN'T want to wake him up to take him to school during the week. She is the laziest person on the planet, but now we have to deal with Mr. Drama for the next two days with his fake little cough that gets him attention.

Before anyone responds that he might actually be sick, I can ASSURE you he is not. He has had asthma tests (on the weekends she has him because she wants to "take care of him") and he hasn't coughed a peep in two freaking weeks. It's ALL for attention and she loves to make us look like the bad parents who neglect him even though it is HER who is giving up her days of custody.


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My BILs ex wife is the same way, takes the kid to the drs all the time, makes it seem like the kids always sick (she's not) but neglects her otherwise (why the fuck would you dress a 7 year old in 12MONTH clothing)

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Is that even possible? Omg! And I thought my BM was nuts putting SS who should have worn in 4 in 2t!

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12 month clothing!!! Ugh! We don't buy SS anything new because she keeps it and sends him back in his old clothes, but not baby clothes, that's awful! On the Dr. thing, I think these BMs feel like taking them to the doctor makes up for the crappy mother they are.

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My SD daughter does the same. There's a difference between forced coughing for attention and horrible keep you up at night hacking. I call her out on it and give her a glass of water.

Good luck in your battle. It's hard when you've got two opposite views between the bio's houses. :/

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heck, give him the cough medicine to start knocking him out at night!! haha, before he has a chance to play his video games be like "oh, well we want to prevent it from becoming an issue, here ya go." Go get the nastiest cherry robotussin you can find and either a. it will stop or b...he will develop a dependance on it...meh. Haha I'm kidding of course, but don't think the thought hasn't crossed my mind to give a robo-binkie to the skids...