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So frustrated...really dont like being a step parent

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I wish there was a book out to explain the horrible awful things to expect when you are a step parent. This would've been very helpful before getting married.


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I wish I had known what a Disney dad was before I married my DH, and how ominous his inability and/or refusal to set appropriate boundaries with skids and BM was.

I only knew what I was looking for after we were married, when I found this site and read the book above. There are no divorced people in my family, and I had never dated man with kids before. I had no idea what I was getting into.

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We are all aware of what may happen in a blended family; the problem is that unless you are in that situation, you don't "know" what it's like.
Problems can vary so much, as well as your own response to them, your SO's behaviour towards the situation... There could be 100 great books about it, but one would never be fully ready.

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You don't like being a stepmother? Who does???? There are some people for whom the benefits outweigh the drawbacks but I don't know anyone walking around thrilled to pieces that they have skids. No one grew up dreaming of taking care of some other woman's kids!

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I second Sueu2. Stepmonster by Wednesday Martin is my handbook. I almost named by new baby Wednesday. Seriously