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Toxic Troll House sharing adventure on the horizon

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Well the latest news to come out of Toxic Town is that TT is moving to a new city about 20 minutes Northwest of our town. Its a house sharing situation. With a female. Thats all we know. So a few things Im assuming will happen:

1. Moving Drama - it always happens when Toxic Troll moves. Shes moved more than 6 times in 8 years. I am assuming she will call or text Husband for use of tools/truck. Hes already said "no", or ignored requests. There will be piles of STUFF to dispose of, or for SD16 PMP room. Because I doubt SD16 PMP will get her own room. Oh and Tweedle is helping her. Hes clean and off meth for now. They arent currently beating each other up.

2. Feral Forger SD23. I know that she will call Husband sobbing and crying and pleading. Or Im assuming she will, because no one else will want to offer her their couch. And I doubt the Housesharing roommate will allow it. I put the big hard questions to husband and he said absolutely not, he cannot deal with her at all and wont live with her the way she currently has been. We dont even know if shes aware of the move!

3. The drop-off/pick ups will change things. Toxic Troll will have to do more of the school transport because from her new location, Im assuming its faster and less work for her to just do it herself. Husband was smiling at that. Because with current situation even if hes taking a vacation, kid still gets dropped off by him because TT works northwest an school is southwest.

4. New town is far from everything interesting. Its agriculture. I find it drab and depressing. Its not a place people walk along the sidewalks to shop etc. Will be interesting to see how fast kiddo gets her license now shes stuck in the middle of nowheresville. At least in our town theres a mall and a theater. Arcades. Im assuming she will be crying about how "BORED" she is. LOL. 


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Or Lock the doors.  You know what comming.  TT will be at her most toxic.  Getting DH involved because nobody else will help herd,  druggies don't like work.  Make sure FF doesn't move in. Not for one night. One night will turn into months. Who wants her.? DSPMP showed her true colors. She picked her side Now she has to live with that,

Be understanding, feel bad,  but don't waste any effort on them,,  now the is the time to get out of school transportation .She moved 20 minutes away. School transportation is going to be a hour thing if not more. Plus the gas.  He DH just can't do it anymore. 
TT change the script.  Nothing you or DH can do about any of this.  If you give in now all is lost 

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Keep her bored. Do not for one second save her from this.   If this might motivate her to get her DL, do not stand in the way.  Inconvenience the heck out her !  You keep on disengaging.  I think you've experienced some positive actions from it so tell that inner voice to shove it.  Lol. 

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I'm guessing it will make b/m retreat into her phone and more texts to KC (is that still happening lol?).

It's not like the old days - now if kids are bored they use their phones to connect, sadly.