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Step Parents Bill of Rights - repost!

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I thought this was too good not to repost. It is a reminder of what is right, true and what should be expected. This forum exists because every day, in every way, these "Bill of Rights" is violated, without repercussions.

Step Parent's Bill of Rights
Submitted by Marbear on Sun, 06/20/2010
Stepparent Rights

1. Our marriage/partnership is our first priority, and we will address all issues together.
2. I will be part of the decision-making process in my marriage and family at all times.
3. People outside the immediate family – including ex-wives, in-laws and adult children – cannot make plans that affect my life without my consent.
4. I will not be responsible for the welfare of children for whom I can set no limits.
5. I must be consulted about which children will live with us, when they can visit and how long they will stay.
6. I will not be solely responsible for housework; chores will be distributed fairly.
7. I will be consulted regarding all family financial matters.
8. Others may not violate my private space at home, nor take or use my possessions without my permission.
9. I will never be treated as an “outsider” in my own home or abused by anybody.
10. My husband and stepchildren must treat me with respect.

Anybody want to add to these rules, please do!!


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These are great rules... there are many violations I

11. I have the right to withdraw from any relationship; violating my rights, as stated above.

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Yes, that is the crux of it. But how many Skids actually realize what the rules SHOULD BE? And that goes for SO?DH? I think if you articulate these expectations, then you are creating those boundaries and many of us forget to create these boundaries. I know that I did!

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Agreed, I copied your great list of rights and emailed a copy to my husband, he lives in an "alternative" world, lol.
Thank you for sharing with me.

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Maybe SO will like this more....

mine are very simply...

my house my rules,
it's my way or the high way
you will only have a say the day you contribute financially