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Post Fourth update - Stranger Things!

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Thanks all for the support!

After Pouty Mac Pouterson went away, Happy Camper took her place.

I picked up Happy Camper munchkin SD13 from her mothers early - she needed to get out because Tweedle the ex bf was going to be there soon (long story but it involves a RO and peeing on a door) and also, she was going through the additional stress of Feral Forger & Toxic Troll having an argument about FF not cleaning her room as promised and TT had started bagging her stuff. LOL. We had a laugh recalling how DH had done the same thing a few times at our place, and instead of cleaning, she had simply bounced over to mothers apartment. Then told Toxic Troll that Clove had her kicked out, saying that DH - then SO was choosing his "live in GF over his own CHILD"...etc. I reminded Munchkin about all the lies and how she was never kicked out. I want her to feel safe, that the lies her sister made up were simply to gain sympathy. That she will not have to worry about being kicked out, just stay respectful, and keep your room clean and we wont have arguments. Easy Peasy. (ST reference!)

We then watched the parade, went shopping at a local resale (ok, it was Goodwill!) I bought her some denim over all shorts, a t shirt and sweatshirt and found stuff for me. Lunch was Munchkin's first taste of Greek Food (not a hoo), a quick trip through the mall - you know "Hot Topic" - then - excitement!

Went home for a power nap! Yep, no one called about any bbq at Auntie #2's house so we just settled in for Season 3 of our current favorite TV series - "Stranger Things". Made it up to episode 7/8, actually. Had some laughs over the characters.

Dh went fishing and brought some back. Yummy Salmon..

And then at around 8:30, as it was getting dark, our neighbors started their show!!!! Woke DH from his nap (yeah we are oldd fogies), and we enjoyed a show in our front yard, and all over town there were bigger ones that I could view from my camp chair.

The awesome thing is that we all got to do what we wanted, and it was easy. No conflict. I had a wondeful day with SD13, we had many conversations about many things. One thing that keeps cropping up, is I was able to talk about her "triggers", and how I think a therapist might help with her processing her emotions. She has a BFF that helps her, gives her relaxation techniques when anxiety makes her heart speed up and her breathing labored, but I mentioned that she might need more tools in dealing with the emotions that cause these symptoms rather than the symptoms. She defintely agrees that pills are not the answer.

Its like the mind flayer is still out there...


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YOu're a really good step mom. I'm glad you had a good day and everyone got to do what they wanted. Smile

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As part of this lovely community - thank you so much!

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I love this post! I’m so glad you got YSD away from the BM hellhole early, happy that the stupidity about aunts bbq went away. Happy that everyone had a good day! That kid has a chance in life thanks to you and DH!

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And the next time Ill be ready - I see a pattern emerging and feel better equipped to handle it all. The newest pattern in that whenever we take Munchkin, Toxic Troll has Tweedle coming over - he gives her money but he supposedly doesnt stay the night and supposedly they arent "together". I beg to differ, but dont want to get involved. Im just done jumping through hoops.

I hope so. There is a remarkable difference between her and her sister...makes you wonder Biggrin

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The awesome thing is that we all got to do what we wanted, and it was easy.

You did what YOU wanted and on YOUR terms.....this is great!


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I got lots of rest...ready to party this weekend! Whoot! 51!

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Good on you for choosing to be happy, Clove. In steplife, we have to seize it whenever we get the chance.