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Deal with the Devil

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This is a sort of funny post - not a problem, that I need advice on.

So, to just lay it on the line: SD13 is a heavy girl, really cute, but 50lbs overweight  - 5' and 163 lbs.

She has a mother, Toxic Troll who is considered obese at 5'3" and 220 lbs. Ive mentioned previously that she buys her daughter treats and "goodies" like cupcakes and pies and cookies, and will "drop them off" at our house. When its her time, Munchkin SD tells me its all fast food.

Cut to last night at dinner, while Munchkin was eating an ice cream she sais, when I look over at her with my "look",  "I havent been eating sugar pretty much the whole week, so this is my sugar..." lol.

After dinner, we measured her height, we chat, we talk about hormones and growth and as always I (sneakily) slide the conversation into a lecture about sugar, how it affects growth, and the brain, blah blah blah. Then I mention that I have joined the "sober curious" trend and am trying to go alcohol-free (hasnt worked at all btw, but I still try). We talked about howw wine is kind of MY sugar like she has HER sugar and what did the little scamp do?

Got me to make a deal, that we will each give up OUR sugar for 30 days (yeah she tried to get me to agree to "forever", but well, lets be realistic here...).

She said she wants to be a little devil-child for Halloween because she likes the fake teeth, so i literally just made a "deal with a devil".

So, Step Talkers, cheers to Day 1. Please someone take a sip for good luck for me this weekend.



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Quitting sugar is hard because it is in E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. My husband and I have been trying to follow the keto lifestyle and have had a fair amount of success. We're not strict but we've cut waaaaaaay back. He lost a pants size, got off his heartburn meds, and doesn't have as many gastric episodes as he used to. I dropped a pants size too and don't feel so bloated and icky after meals.

You might be surprised how good you feel once you kick the habit!

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Its more then hard,  you basically can’t eat out. Most restaurant add sugar to there food to make it taste better. And if you get into bread, pastas, turns to sugar it’s even more difficult. You have to check everything you buy for sugar. Because it’s everywhere 

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Thats great...sort of

Both you and Munchkin will feel better. The first days are the hardest bit you can do it!

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I cut sugar out completely once - not to lose weight but because it's an anxiety trigger for some people. I was shocked at how great I felt and how much more energy I had - but keeping up with only having that little of sugar is near impossible.

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As someone who has also gotten 'sober-curious' as you say, go ahead and following the reddit form stop drinking. I have found a lot of good things in there and though processes, inlcuding, no one ever wakes up the next day wishing they drank last night. That one has really eased me into a more casual drinking mindset (ie special occasions, ect) but even now, I feel so much better not drinking that sometimes I don't even want to. My anxiety is noticeable lower (decreased my klonopin usage four fold), my spirits are much higher and my moods are more stable. Good luck out there and I WILL NOT DRINK WITH YOU TODAY (IWNDWYT)

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I’ve also stopped drinking. DH and I drank nearly 6liters of rum a month for two years while DD was being abused and we were dragged through family court. Once her father and stepmother’s abuse was caught on camera and the GAL corked his visitations, it took several months (like 8 months) for us to slow down, then switch to beer, and finally be able to enjoy time without drinking at all. It’s been about a month since we have drank just to drink. We will still have one or two beers every other week if it’s part of a social situation.

We've both lost weight, have less anxiety, sleep better, and definitely feel better on the weekend and mornings.

We also had to just “let go” of OSS and YSS, who have been alienated, medically abused, and emotionally/mentally abused by their mother. DH can’t fight her in court b/c she uses her narcissistic brother as her lawyer, and although he is the worst lawyer and has never won a case (I’m pretty sure he isn’t even licensed anymore), he was capable of dragging out litigation until DH just couldn’t afford to fight anymore on top of child support... because I suppose draining the children’s better parent of finances is a smart move... crazy people never see their own crazy though.

Nonetheless, if you can make the 30 days, you will feel fantastic. However, if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up over it. If you are drinking too much, you are most likely numbing your own pain. If the cause of the pain is still in your life, you may not be able or ready to quit. I never could have quit while DD was still being abused. The pain was too much. Now that we are in a better place, I was able to face the pain and work through it.

Just know that drinking too much doesn’t make you a bad person. It may mean you’re surrounded by bad people!