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Well isn't that nice?

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SS17 had a virtual graduation. DH and I watched at home while SS17 watched at DBDB house with SS22 and her family.  They went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate.  DH gave him his $500 check a few days later. Easiest high school grad ever.  

Turns out tomorrow is the LIVE graduation.  Yup.  Broke the class down into different times.  Kids walk on the field, sit and listen to the same speaches from all speakers that were done virtually, walk up, grab their paper and get to have one person on the field with them. 

SS17 as most teenagers wait until the last minute to tell you any of this.  We hear half from him and SS22 tells us that DBDB is being secretive about it and that DH will need to call HER for info. HAHAHAHAHAHA!  Ummmm no.  She waited 24 hours and DH gets the call.  

There is only one car load per family.  One person on the field.  So they can have a bus full of people but only one can be on the field?  So confusing.  But she told him we are more than welcome to ride with them.  again - HAHAHAHAHAHAHA NO!  He told her he was calling the school because they are not the only divorced family and some of the information does not sound right.  SS22 told us the next night that she was PISSED!  Don't know why and don't care.  He also told us that they wanted to go to dinner again to celebrate and he was not going (just a note - SS22 graduated college in May - there was no dinner, no card no nothing from her side of the family).

DH called the school and was told that there is a list and he put DH on the list to bring his own vehicle.  They were expecting this to happen and that is one of the reasons they broke the class down into hour increments.  So DH and SS22 will go in one and DBDB, her husband, her mom, stepfather and two of her friends will be in one.  

She sent a text this morning offering again to meet at her house and all go in one car.  Isn't that nice of her? 




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Why does BM want to be a in car with your DH and you so badly that she is making up lies? Probably a stupid question because we all know it most likely has to do with wanting control over the situation, etc. Glad you are able to still go in your own car away from that mess. I would definitely not go to the dinner either, but instead would do something the next day or something else so you can still celebrate without being anywhere near the toxicity.

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She always wants to be MOTY. I'm guessing because I don't really know.

I want to clear this up as well, I am NOT going to the graduation and DH and SS22 are not going to the dinner.  A son of a friend graduated and his party is the same time so I am going there and DH and SS22 are meeting me there. 


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is that BM is certain that your SO still has the hots for her, as does every man on earth, so having him in the car with her weaves substance into her fantasy.

Or maybe I'm just projecting what I have been entertained with/subjected to.

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So who is going to be the one special person who gets to sit with SS on a field for an hour and re-watch speeches they have already seen? I'm guessing not DH.

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DING DING DING - nope!  The plan is for SS22 but DBDB will cry that her fee-fees are hurt so it will be her.  

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What a classic HCBM move. They just aren't happy unless they are being evil I guess...

I'm glad your DH called and glad the school (sadly) anticipated evil HCBM antics.

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I am SOOOOO glad that schools are at least recognizing that this is a real issue. 

I would have no problems riding in one car with my ex but over my dead body would I have gotten in a car with BM1 and never agree to getting in one with BM2 in the future.