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Still processing...

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SS19 was to go back to campus Sunday.  3 glorious hours from home.  

He asked to speak to DH and I on Saturday morning.  He told us that he needs to work on his mental health (just started therapy a few months ago) and he does not feel that the best place for him would be at campus.  There are too many distractions and pressures from college life.  He is not big on alcohol since his DBDB is an alcoholic.

He said that he feels safer here and there is structure  in my household. He will finish out his college credits at our local college which is 15 minutes from our home.

Wishing everyone

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A very Merry Christmas!  

I am a lucky on to get done early today and off all day tomorrow. 

We have a quiet Christmas this year.  My mom is coming along with SS23 and SS19 with his GF.  Since SS19 needs to be told to be anywhere 2 hours in advance for him to be on time, I am just going to cook and have everything ready by noon and they can come when and if they want.  For SS19 it's a gift grab anyway.  Sorry kiddo, you literally just got socks and underwear to open. 

Cheers to a Silent Night

Well isn't that nice?

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SS17 had a virtual graduation. DH and I watched at home while SS17 watched at DBDB house with SS22 and her family.  They went out to dinner afterwards to celebrate.  DH gave him his $500 check a few days later. Easiest high school grad ever.  

Turns out tomorrow is the LIVE graduation.  Yup.  Broke the class down into different times.  Kids walk on the field, sit and listen to the same speaches from all speakers that were done virtually, walk up, grab their paper and get to have one person on the field with them.