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OT Fur baby prayers needed

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SO had to take poochy to the vet last night.  He started to "piddle" around the house even after being outside.  The last time he was out we noticed his leg was lifted but nothing coming out.

Poor guy is filled with kidney stones.  They are operating this morning to remove the stones, remove his gahoonas and cut his urethra so if they come back he can pass them easily.

Waiting anxiously. 



OT - so what do you do

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It may just be me but I am reading a lot more posts of what DH/SO does that annoy, piss us off, you get the picture.

What are some things that you do that piss your DH/SO off?  

I am not perfect (cough cough).  It took me a long time to figure out what I do to make SO mad.  He doesn't tell me.  But I have figured out that if I "nit pick" SS15 too much he gets a little miffed.  I think he takes it personally.

What to do?

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SO and SS15 are away for the week.  I got the mail yesterday and there mail for SS15 from DBDB.  I went into his room to put on his nightstand and noticed green caps all over the floor.

I went around to the other side of the bed and found two vape refill cartridges.  I took a picture and sent to SS19 asking what they were.  He did answer that they were his and he was vaping for a bit after he stopped chewing tobacco.  SMH.  

DBDB rears her ugly head

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SO and I had planned after work apps and cocktails with some friends.  SS15 has a pre-season game but since SO and I will not have time together again until May, SS15 was getting a ride home and I made dinner for him Sunday that he just has to heat up.

We are headed to bed when SS15 drops this bomb "Mom is taking me to the eye doctor tomorrow after my game".



Why am I being punished??

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SO has been trying to get a handle on SS15 attitude.  The talking back, snide comments and the flat out ignoring him has SO frustrated to say the least.

During this discussion on what he needs to change he added this in:

- I do not like that as soon as ClassyNJ comes home from work you quickly grab your stuff and go into your room and shut the door.  

SS15 does do this.  He will say Hello and quickly vacate the living room.  I will change into home clothes, read mail, start dinner and whatever else needs to be done.  

Cursed long weekend

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Happy Tuesday one and all. It is a balmy 71 degrees here in South Jersey. Not bad for February. Last time it was this warm was 1930.

Had a three day weekend. SO and I had made plans to get a lot done for the birthday/ceremony party. At least that worked out and we did manage to secure and pay everyone but the cake lady.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

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Half day at work today and I usually don't get on computer unless I'm at work.

I wanted to wish everyone a peaceful and loving Christmas. Even if all is going bad, just take one second and think about ONE time whether holiday related or not that made you smile from your toes to your head and hang on to that memory thru the holiday Smile