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And he was the good one :(

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This is a long one but need to tell someone......

Friday night SS21 went to work at his family business.  He was to come home after to get up at 3 AM to go out of state with DH for one of SS21 vehicles to get repairs.  (Both vehicles are registered and insured under us but SS21 pays full year of insurance on one and splits the premium of the 2nd one with us) He sent a text at 9:30 that he was done work and on his way home.  Where he was is about 50 minutes to us and you can either take all wooded dark back roads or highway. 

No surprise there

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Hope everyone had a nice relaxing and happy Christmas.

We spent Christmas Eve going to dinner and a movie with the SS's.  We opened our gifts Christmas Eve as well so that we could get up early, make breakfast and the SS's could leave to see their cousins before they left the state.

SS21 had ordered our gifts, we were actually next to him when he ordered last month and they were late getting to him so they are sitting at school.  

OMG what is WRONG with me? OT

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I'm sorry if this is all over the place.... but I cannot talk to DH or even friends.  They get a deer in the headlights look whenever I try to talk about my stress level, unhappiness, etc.  I do not do it much and as my friend said last night "I'm confused - you always have it all together, organized and perfect"  RRRRRRRRRR  I hung up on her!

OT Has anyone heard of this?

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Yesterday as DH was leaving a convenience store a woman was walking in so he held the door open for her:

Her:  What is wrong with you boy?

DH:  HUH?  I'm holding the door open for you.

Her:  You do not hold a door open for any woman unless it is your mother or wife.  What are you, some kind of F&g*%t?  


He laughed at her but was more shocked than anything else.

4 Years and 12 Months

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is the length of time I have been a member of Steptalk.  Wow  5 years.  The first two years went fast the last 3 have been filled with non wanted drama and learning that some kids are just horrible.  Good parenting or not.

Thank you all for being here for all of us.

Do I get a chip or pin or something?  LOL


OT Fur baby prayers needed

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SO had to take poochy to the vet last night.  He started to "piddle" around the house even after being outside.  The last time he was out we noticed his leg was lifted but nothing coming out.

Poor guy is filled with kidney stones.  They are operating this morning to remove the stones, remove his gahoonas and cut his urethra so if they come back he can pass them easily.

Waiting anxiously. 



Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

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Half day at work today and I usually don't get on computer unless I'm at work.

I wanted to wish everyone a peaceful and loving Christmas. Even if all is going bad, just take one second and think about ONE time whether holiday related or not that made you smile from your toes to your head and hang on to that memory thru the holiday Smile