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For some reason this makes us sad

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SS22 graduates college on Monday!  I can't believe how fast the last 4 years have went.  We are extremely excited for him and his future.  Stinks that there is no formal graduation but he has a choice of gift from us when he can finally enjoy them.  YAY SS22!

While speaking with him last night he told us that DBDB and SF maybe heading for divorce.  Said that all they do is fight and SS17 has been staying out of the house more and more (not good with the Covid stuff) and thinks they are waiting until he goes off to Army or something since SF said out of house at 18 which is August.

Neither of us care for them but we agreed that we are saddened to hear this.  Weird.



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I mean. You two are two empathetic individuals. Idk that it's sad because you care for them, or sad becuase divorce is normally a sucky situation, AND it's hard on SS, who you do care for.

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Congrats to read about SS's College Graduation.

Are you concerned about BM getting a divorce that she, will wiggle her way back into your's and dh's lives? I am not sure what DBDB is--so, I figured it was Bm and her husband???


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Yes - DH calls her Dead Beat Douche Bag.  Horrible but it is what he dupped her so it stuck.  

Its funny Goodluck that you said that because my first thing to him was, well she better stay on her side of the tracks and not come sniffing around here.  

He doesnt think she will even try.  She can't even try to get CS.  

Guess we will have to wait and see.  I really hope they stay together.


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But thinking about these times.  I really can not see how these, or all the kids graduating school are going to find jobs.  Is there any company hiring people, except amazon pickers.   Good luck to the class of 2020.   Going to be crazy times 

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DBDB---lol. Thanks for letting me know.

She may try to sniff around in various ways---but remember to keep that cement wall around your family,. Including any social media you may have.

She will be on the prowl...sniffing.



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LOL  he is full of names for her.  

I have her, her husband, SS17, her ENTIRE family including neices, nephews and friends blocked from FB and my IG is private.  DH does not use social media.  He emails for car parts and that it is. He feels social media and TV ruined the world. 

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Congrats!!!! College graduation is huge!

Re: DBDB... I'd prepare my defensive game; just in case. She may get "bored" and come bug you guys with SF out of the picture. 



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Hey Classy! Sorry I'm late to this party.

First all, congratulations!!

As for feeling am sad about DBDB and SF's divorce, that seems normal to me.

You care for skid and so you care when skid is hurting or has to deal with stuff.

I would be sad for my skids if Maggot's BF left her, simply because the last thing they need in their lives is MORE instability. I would not care one iota for Maggot's feelings, because her life theme is reliving lessons over and over again since she refuses to learn/accept responsibility for her behavior, etc.

You care, because the last thing skid needs during this happy time in life is for BM to overshadow that happiness with her own drama... yet again.