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Tapped in stephell quarantine

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I haven't left the house other than fresh air or exercise (no contact) since March 12. On April 11, I came down with a fever and other COVID symptoms for 7 days likely brought in the house by one of the SDs or their friends who they sneak in after I go to bed. SDs visit with friends go to Starbucks & Target but Im the problem. Now SD17 says she's not comfortable with me around. She oughta worry more about the STD she is going to get from screwing around with a guy who has a girlfriend.


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I hope you get feeling better soon, and i hope you get lucky and she stays away, you know, for her health lol!

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Haven't had a fever since Friday so Im over the hump. If it was COVID it was very mild. I talked to a dr via video chat Friday. I think he is going to send me for a test on Monday but my symptoms are mostly gone.

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From what i understand, the tests aren't 100% accurate. I had my son tested and he was negative. Hopefully that means he really is, but i read that the nasal swab misses up to a third (?!) of active infections. You are doing the right thing by self-quarantining no matter what the final result says. Also from what i've read, there isn't much of an issue with false positives, so if it says you have it, you can be confident that you do. Please do what you must to stay healthy. That means mentally too!

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I e been self quarantined before self quarantine was cool.  I've been hiding from these skids for years.

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I'm sorry you don't feel well Chmmy.

It's totally NOT surprising at all that skids, who are usually quite selfish, shortsighted, and adept at projection, would bring an illness home to you, and then blame YOU for it. Shame on them.

I wouldn't be surprised if you later discovered that skid knew all along they were exposed to a COVID-19 victim, and are just blaming you as part of their a-hole crusade.

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Awww I'm sorry you arent well Chmmy.

I'm glad to hear you are 'over the hump'. I know SD is a total sneaky b*tch but everytime i read your blogs i just want to give your a*shole husband a dick punch. Weaker then water. You deserve SOOO much better!

Silverlining - if poor SD17 isnt comfortable with you being around then she can shove off to one of the many other peoples places she has been covorting with. I'm sure she has plenty of options!!

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They all say they "are not comfortable" with SM around, it's code for "I can't pull the wool over SM's eyes".