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Day 6 of a low grade temp. Should I be tested?

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I am on day 6 of a low grade fever with body aches, fatigue, headaches, sore throat and  just starting today a slight cough and tight chest.  If DH gets sick, his job site shuts down and puts a lot of people out of work.  DH was already off for 2 weeks due to jobs shutting down and the only job that stayed open, he thought had too many people working in close quarters so he chose to stay home.  Good call DH because that site was shut down this week due to a positive COVID test.

DH said if I test positive, he will voluntarily self quarantine from work.  Im willing to bet the SDs in food service will not.  If DH grows a set and tells them they have to stay home, he will probably offer to reimburse their lost wages because their wicked SM brought CV into the house.  Oh wait, wicked SM has not left the house in over 30 days so I guess I didn't bring anything in the house.  DH didn't work for 2 weeks before I got sick so unless he picked up at the store, he didn't bring it home.  The little skids have been quarantined for a month now, so who does that step bitches.

So does anyone have experience with COVID symptoms?  My symptoms are so mild.  A month ago, I would have taken an Advil and gone on with my life.  Should I be tested?  I have a feeling if it's COVID, it has done it's damage in the house.  One of my essential step daugters brought it home asymptomatic.  These people sleep in each other's beds, eat off each others plates.  How is the person(me) who sits in her room, eats in her room, only touches my own stuff, has my own hidden utensils a plates and my own shelf in the fridge and been quarantined the longest the only person in the house who is sick


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I think you should. The symtoms are mild now, but that could quickly change. If it does AND you have test results or pending results, it is that much faster you can seek and receive the proper care. 

Sorry you feel like crap. 

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If you can get tested.  In our area unless you meet every critieria put out by the CDC they won't even talk to you.  If you can get tested and if It comes back positive I would call the step kids work myself and inform them.  Why leave it in the hands of those morons to do the right thing?

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My husband's company had to shut down a jobsite becuase a man took his sick kid to the doctor and that kid was CV positive ans so they tested the asymptomatic man and he was positive also with no symptoms.  So weird.

I believe one of the girls brought it here by being asymptomatic so they may be over it.  I would ask them to get tested before I call their place of work but if they refuse then DH would have to call.

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If you lived here, and you tested positive, everyone who had been in your house in the past fourteen days would be told to self quarantine for two weeks. (And that would include the birthday bathroom users.) No working. No grocery runs. Nowhere but home.

Low grade fever for days. Here they would test you. Call your doctor.

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Where are you located?  I'm in Illinois.  I'm considering making a telehealth appt soon.  I'm only about a degree above normal but 6 days is a long time to be sick.

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If one person in the home tests positive, everyone must quarantine for two weeks. I'm in Chicago and know someone who did test positive and that's what they were told to do.

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I would definitely call the doctor or quick care, just because of the fever and difficulty breathing,m.  If you have a pulse oximeter at home, I would use that as a gauge, steadily under 95 I'd talk to a doc, 90 or under is not good at all, and you need to get checked out right away.

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Call your doctor, do what they suggest. Don't ask internet strangers for medical advice.