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I believe suicide watch is over

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This started with SD17 not wanting to go to school monday because she was tired. When DH repeatedly told her to go and wouldnt call her in she stopped answering her phone. I was home but refused to get involved.

She didnt want to get in trouble with school so she got useless bm involved who called her in. She made up some depression crap how she cries every day boo hoo. All lies. She ended up in the hospital ER but never admitted. Once they took her phone and her clothes and she realized what could happen Im sure she changed her tune. This resulted in a lot of stress on DH & I and probably BM & her husband who already lost a child(his child, BMs step son) to suicide( a navy soldier). We all lost a lot of sleep over this and I like my sleep.

She got a referral and an appointment for a counselor which now Sd17 says she no longer needs. Really now that the whole ditching school for 2 days blew over and was overshadowed by your hospital visit, suddenly you are fine 3 days later? Great. Fucking little manipulative bitch. She is 100% just like her cunt mother and i have told DH that minus the cunt word but this weekend he will hear that word come from my mouth.


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I would say she absolutely needs counseling, along with some other consequences for this bull.

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Hell yes. My kid had a car accident and is just getting back to work part time. He needs the health insurance til he's on his feet.

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I'm sure you're right she changed her tune as soon as they took her phone and clothes and she realised she wasn't going to be able to manipulate the situation any more.  It would do her a lot of good if someone had a straight talk with her - preferably her father - and told her that you can all see straight through the bullshit she pulls.  And if she thinks this is going to get her far in life she is much mistaken.  But he won't, of course. 

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XSD22 was “suicidal” every time her father would ask her if she had looked for a job.

Useless waste of space.

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I bet she didnt do it yet! Lol

I dont like to make light of suicide but these uselesss asholes make a joke of it.