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So now we're on suicide watch? I need to move out

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When sd17 was too tired to go to school on Monday, DH said too bad go to school and didnt call her in. So she turned off her phone rolled over and went back to sleep cuz #### you dadddeee and then called useless BM to call her in because now she is too sad to go to school so mommeeee called her in and brought her lunch.

When DH got home from work she came up with some story about hating her life and hating all of us and being so sad every day. Really? daddeeee tells you no twice in 6 months and every time it becomes a ####### shit show only this time i didnt get involved.

Sd 17 is at the hospital and if they think she suicidal she will be admitted. I think she's a fake ass, manipulative bitch. I hope her ass gets admitted. They took her phone and her clothes and she wont have any make up etc. LMAO. Bet that bitch didnt know she'd get her phone taken away. She said she cries everyday. Bullshit your eye make up is perfect. She is a lying, manipulative little girl just like BM. So pissed cuz now she has DH by the balls again just when he started toughening up.

Im thinking about moving out til this blows over. I can not be a part of this shit show.


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Sadly it is becoming quite a common manipulative technique among young people to claim they have suicidal feelings - I blame the internet - this never used to be a thing.  To those of us who have had an actual suicide in our family, this is repugnant.   You can console yourself with the fact that psychiatric hospitals are not a fun place to be, I was in one for a week once during a period of severe mental illness.  If she's admitted she will NOT have a cool time, as other patients tend to be either suffering from schizophrenia or chronic depression.  

I imagine your SD has escalated her behaviour in order to control your DH as he had started toughening up, as you said. 

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These past few Generations have to invent their adversities and problems as they don't have real ones like they did back in the old days when people were boiling their shoes in order to eat.

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At the same time, the suicide rate has steadily increased in kids and it is now the second leading cause of death.  The highest increase is in ages 10-14.  Ignore this behavior at your own peril, kids are genuinely killing themselves. 

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I dont take suicide lightly and neither should DH.

My ex & father of my 2 kids killed himself 5 years ago.

My uncle killed himself 3 weeks after my aunt passed from cancer. She was his one and only love for 50+ years.

BMs step son, a navy soldier, killed himself last year.

This lil bitch is something else. I am 99% sure she is faking. Ive caught her in too many lies including the lies that she cries everyday. The 1% in me that believes it could be true is trying to be supportive of my husband. Id like to tell her go ahead and do it i dare her but she would cut off her nose to spite her face so she could hurt herself to spite me.

My dad never allowed me to manipulate him and god knows i tried. He woulda called my bluff and told me to go ahead. Lol. My dad was a real tough asshole but he was(still is) the best. He's the reason I am who I am today and he's behind the success of my kids too. Unfortunately DH is the reason for his kids' failures.

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I work in a hospital on the behavioral health floors. I work with patients who "cry suicide" to get what they want. The thing is I've also lost patients because they "attempted" when their cries were ignored and the attempts worked despite the lack of intent. We lost a teen who took her grandmother's medication after her parents refused to bring her back to the hospital. We KNOW she didn't really intend to die but she mixed things up and they couldn't save her. I've seen a girl jump off a roof to get back at us for discharging her before she felt she wanted to leave.

Yes it's a cry for attention but the thing is that doesn't matter. Of course it is. It always is even when it's real but that doesn't mean it's not valid. I'm not saying she's doing this right but this is the way she's coping with the situation. This is how she's LEARNED to cope.

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Yes, this, exactly. I am in the child mental health field too.  Kids are killing themselves in record numbers. This is not to be taken lightly. 

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I went through this when my daughter was a teen. So many suicide threats, stays in psych and residental wards, attempts to OD because she got caught after running away with an older boy and he was locked up.  There were many rough years. I had no idea when she was trying to manipulate or if she was serious. I finally reached the breaking point and told her that anytime she screamed, "I'm going to kill myself!" I'd call 911 and she'd have to explain to the police that either she wasn't serious or she'd be taken to the ER and evaluated.  This didn't solve everything but it did stop the constant threats.  

My point is, take everything seriously. If you don't want to deal with this I'd suggest you do move out for your own sanity. I was so stressed and questioned my mental health during those awful years.  If she wasn't my kid there is no way I would have subjected myself to that.  

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This is how she's LEARNED to cope.

Reading this hit hard in so many levels. Whether she's faking or not she needs help and she's only doing what she has been modeled all these year growing up. Wishing you and your family strength and guidance because these situations are never easy to navigate.

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Faking suicide to get out of going to school

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She has been admitted about to the hosptial about 5 or 6 times maybe more I can't keep up anymore.   To be honest, it isn't helping her at all. SD actually likes staying at the local hospital.  She will stay about a week to 10 days.  They will let her out, in a few months she will start saying she is going to harm herself.  She just got out around the first of this month.  

Each time she goes it is about $5,000 out of pocket that DH and BM have to pay.  DH doesn't have that kind of money and I know, BM doesn't either.  DH and I do have separate finances thank goodness.

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I told DH he is doing the right thing even though I dont believe SD. I said if BM was pulling this we'd say it's just another poor me scheme or an attempt to get what she wants from someone and DH agrees. I told him all I see is her BM like behavior but I understand why he needs to take it seriously. I just want to stay out of it. I would just make things worse anyways.

I honestly wanted her to get admitted with no phone etc so that if she is faking it she'll think twice before faking it again

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I really hope that the stay in the hospital either slaps her across the face that this no joke and not something you play around with. Or it gets her the help she was needing all along.

Since you know SD better than any of us strangers here I know you can gauge if this is genuine or an attention grab to get out of trouble.

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She had her phone taken away and was on restriction for going out to bars and coming home at 6 am.  She totally deserved to have her phone taken away.  If I had been North Korea, I would have destroyed the phone.

But she goes to school and is so sad about the phone that she wants to go home and goes up to the front office.  North Korea won't come check her out so she tells the school nurse she feels like dying and off to the mental hospital she goes in the back of a cop car.  She was SHOCKED as SH!T.  She did not see that coming.  They called it "suicide ideation."  She had her clothes taken away and someone had to watch her pee or poop for three days.  She was not a happy camper and yes she got her phone given back as soon as she was home and her dad got stuck with a $1000 bill.  They call those places crisis stabilization units.  All they do is stabilize them and send them home.  There is no long term therapy or mental health care. 

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She didnt get admitted but she had her phone and clothing taken away for the ER visit. When she was finished it took an hour to get her phone back. I hear that pissed her off. Good.

I'd pay the $1000 to have her admitted and have someone watch her use the bathroom and have her freedoms amd maybe some dignity taken away so she can see how damn good she has it. She has almost no rules, her own room with a walk in closet, a kitchen full of food, a free car with insurance, comes and goes as she pleases as long as DH knows where she is. DH didnt let her take off school for at least the 3rd time this year so she flipped out. So now its mid september and she missed 4 days of school that I know of. She needs to be knocked on her ass.

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This issue is pretty recently relative in my life.  Suicide is a touchy subject and it is something to be sensitive about.  Our therapist has said that discipline and structure should not yield, just the way we communicate needs to be adjusted. 

In other words, continue to have rules and keep to it.  Be consistent in your rules and enforce them every time.  Communicate sensitively and without anger. 

It sounds like your SD is doing this to get what she wants.  All parents involved need to be on the same page and all need to enforce the same rules.