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Havent seen my husband in 5 days

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We are a big football family so DH came over to my parents' house to watch football. Ive been here since Wednesday to spend time with my son 24 who is here from out of town and I won't subject him to my god awful negative home and obnoxious skids so we stayed with my parents.

Of course BM had the kids for a wake during the week so she did her every other week duty and didn't get the kids this weekend so they are here. SS10 is up DHs ass and laying all over him. And SS12 is laying across the couch. I know Ive complained about this before but when there are a lot of people watching a game why must they lay all over the couches and all over DH. Fukin sit up. Let other people sit. I was sitting in an office chair and god forbid I get near DH after not seeing him since Wednesday.

I did not miss the kids one ounce. Am i going to be able to continue in a marriage when I just cant stand the kids that live with us 90%? We are all in Chicago and excited about the Bears. Why must SS10 say "I hate the Bears". Its just obnoxious. Why did my mom cook ribs, chicken wings, tater tots and other apps and I have to pull out leftover tacos because there is NOTHING they will eat. It's a game...a control thing. They use all means to control DH. I wanted to tell DH stay home but I know he wanted to see my son and I think my son wanted to see him but I dont think my son likes the kids at all. BS22 likes them though or at least fakes it. BS 22 is a kindly saint. 

They're not bad kids just entitled and obnoxious. Im waitinng for them to follow in SD16s footsteps. If you've read some of my previous blogs you'd see I dont like her at all.


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I love the fact that you put quality time with your bio first.

Did your H miss you? Make any affectionate overures? And how much does he like having to have his kids by himself?

I wouldn't have made tacos for those spoilt brats. Why do you think you did that? 

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My bios dont deserve to be around the brats. H missed me a lot.  Literally cried today on the phone cuz he thinks Im not coming back. This goes beyond my son being in town. I almost got a hotel last week when he couldnt get SD16 under control. BM picked her ass up and she is under control or she can live with mom & her alcoholic husband.

I only made tacos cuz we have too much food leftover from entertaining. Normally i dont. It pisses me off when DH runs to McD when the skids dont like what's being served or orders them something special when everyone else is ordering pizza or catering. Thats costs a lot extra to get 3 extra meals added on to a catering order. 

The kids were mostly gone with family the last few days. BMs mother passed away so they spent time with her & family but tomorrow he needs a sitter for their last day off school and I said no. Im not a babysitter. Let the young lady who thought she ruled the roost babysit instead of hanging out with friends. Enjoy your last day of break my grown up SD16.


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If SK don’t or will not eat anything. Not your problem that is DH problem.  He should bring food for them. Or go out and buy them food.  I always say. People do not starve to death if there food somewhere.  When they get hungry they will eat anything 

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On the topic of if you can stay married when you have to live with kids you don't like 90% of the time...

Why didn't your DH correct their rude and entitled behavior? Does he not see it?

I do not know how you can effectively stay living with your husband. I do know, that after my horrid experience with step-life, that I will NEVER live with someone I do not like or that does not like me - child or adult. Honestly, I'm not sure I will ever want to live with anyone besides my children period.

Best of luck. 

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He thought they were so cute. He was a Disney dad and now he haa custody. Cant live in Disney World 90% of the time.

I have put him in his place that Disney dadding is not ok and why. He has done reaearch amd learned a lot but nothing changes in a day. Apparently he thinks a lot of this is ok. The kids arent cute or funny. They are desperate for attention positive or negative. They dont care.

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I didnt want DH to leave and waste money on carry out. We overspent at Christmas...shocker i know. I pulled the stuff out and he microwaved and put the tacos together as I do everything wrong anyways.

My mom is all....We can make mac n cheese, we have this....blah shush mother. If this was me & my brothers she woulda said eat or go to bed. Lol. Grandmas! So different from moms lol

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Heavily relate to skids draping themselves all over your furniture leaving nowhere for you to sit. 

This happened all the time to me when skids were growing up. Who raised these feckin’ barn cats anyway? When I was a kid I was taught to make room for other people (especially adults!) when a group was watching a show or film together. It’s just common courtesy.

Not for skids, though. You can come in with an armful of treats for them to stuff their faces with and they won’t scoot over an inch. So entitled.

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This is not the first time. When my postpartum cousin was sitting on the floor I made them move but when it was just me I quietly got up and moved away from DH. I also did not go home with them. Stayed one more night with my family. It's the only way to get any sleep. My first night home the 12 yr old comes in our room 30 mins after we fell asleep to tell DH he can't sleep. Mr "dad I'm 12" can't go a night without coming in our room and i know it was because I was away for about 10 nights total in 2 weeks they were all slepping together. Better not be in my bed though