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A New Appreciation for SD9 O.o

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So, we got the skids for the weekend - it was the first weekend with them after the wedding. And surprisingly, nothing got broken :jawdrop: When DH was getting the skids, BM told him that SS10 had the police over at his school (TWICE!) because he was throwing rocks onto the yards of neighbouring houses. And now, he has to play in the little kids' yard (because of the extra supervision). BM told DH that she suspects it's "because of the wedding" and all the stress of his dad getting re-married ... WHAT-THE-FUCK-EVER!!! SS10 showed no signs of stress while he was at the wedding. I doubt he was even aware of what was going on! If anything, he may have been upset that he and SD9 were not invited to our honeymoon/family vacation (but if you've read my previous blogs, you'd understand WHY they weren't coming with us!). Anyway, that was just another attempt for BM to rain on our wedding parade.

Anyway, the weekend went as usual - the kids fighting and running around and being loud and obnoxious. The WEIRD thing is that I found myself siding with SD9 on a lot of things that occured over the weekend :jawdrop: We actually had ... AGREEMENTS! :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: And funnily enough, these agreements were over how idiotic her brother is Blum 3 Aside from the throwing rocks situation, he's become increasingly aggressive (ie. he constantly tells her to shut up, and threatens to "kick her in the face"), he's rude, he's loud, he has NO table manners... On their 2nd day with us, we went for a drive and got some gas. Well, during the first half of the drive, he and my BS5 were throwing stuff back and forth to each other. Fine. Later, on our way to take the kids to the park, SS10 threw something and I guess he overshot his throw because it hit the windshield in front of DH WHILE HE WAS DRIVING :jawdrop: For that, they all lost the park. DH gave SS10 a good talking-to about his behaviour (ie. his throwing things and not listening is why the police were called). I think it's quite safe to assume that he will end up in some kind of boys' home before too long.

I thought the weekend would be all about SD9 and her Little Miss Princess attitude (especially because we were celebrating her birthday late), but honestly, I didn't have one bad thing to say about her the whole weekend! :jawdrop: Other than the fact that she had to eat every hour on the hour, she didn't really stand out in terms of bad behaviour. Who knows, we may become friends yet! OH! And to complete this Twlight Zone of a weekend, DH told me that BM changed back to her MAIDEN NAME! :jawdrop: I know, right? Apparently, she had changed it as soon as the divorce went through :jawdrop: Will wonders never cease!


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Thank you!

I know that she was totally stressing out. Everything is a competition with her - whatever WE do, SHE has to do, too. She wanted to get married (to her off-limits bf) before us - she had the cake and photographer already booked for HER wedding, but she had to get the money back to pay for bills LOL And lately, she's been buying the skids expensive presents (ie. iPads, laptop computers, etc) so that HER presents will be better than ours SMH SS10's bad behaviour is basically just bad parenting - or lack thereof! She just wants us to look bad. Anyway, how can the kids be stressed with our getting married when we've been together since they were very young???