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Friday night!!

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Spent Friday night at a restaurant by myself with my headphones and an audible book because it is better than being here at home with DuH. He had a slow week at work and took the day off today unexpectedly. By 9am we were arguing. By 11 screaming and by 5pm I left to go to target amd have dinner alone


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Tomorrow i have plans to spend DuHs money going shopping with a girlfriend in a quaint town with lots of fun shops.

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Oh no. It was skid related. He sucks as a parent & I let a lot if pent up feelings fly out my mouth today. We havent spoken since before lunch but he just texted me goodnight from the couch so i guess that's where hes sleeping

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We had some pretty bad fights over Little Idiot (mostly when she lived with us). It was awful. She was such a lazy slob and I couldn’t stand her slowly destroying the house with her carelessness. Did I mention I found a giant bowl of honey in her closet after she left??? She smeared every known food onto her face and hair as beauty remedies. Oh Lord luckily I found that before ants did. Many times I had it out with DuH and when we argue I let him have it with both barrels. Many days of not speaking and it still occasionally happens as he is delusional when it comes to her and I’m not good at pretending. Enjoy the extra space on the bed, and don’t worry about blowing off steam. Being a SM is awful and sometimes there needs to be an airing of the grievances. 

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Be glad little idiot is gone.

We have a little idiot here. She is 20 and a total slob, although she does hold a job so she's not the same type of idiot. She constantly signs up for school on DHs dime and fails time after time. She should just stick to waitressing. It's hreat to have goals and dreams bit signing up for school is not enough. You have to work toward your goals

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“He texted me goodnight from the couch” lol. Looks like someone really wants to make sure you know that he is actively choosing not to sleep with you.

i would have ignored and deleted the text. If he later asked if I got it, I would have pretended I didn’t just to annoy him. If he still insisted on his games, I would have maybe said something to the effect of “so that’s why it was such a peaceful sleep last night.” Lol

He doesn’t get to be a crappy parent and then get mad at you when you convey your feelings (which are valid, and which he should care deeply about). I’ll never understand why some people choose to be crappy and then think the situation can be fixed if they act even more crappy on top.

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I didnt answer. I have a workout with friends at 10am and plans with another friend this afternoon. He says he too depressed to get off the couch. I'd be depressed if my kids were all losers too. They will never amt to anything. They werent raised to be successful.

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Haha my OH has been sleeping on the sofa for the last week. Partly due to his snoring. Partly because I'm unsure whether this is working anymore...

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Any improvements today?

I have never had an - I'm mad so I am going to sleep on the couch- situation. The only time it came to separate rooms was when my exH and I decided to actually separate. We had to get the house sold before we could move on so, he moved into the guest room, but it was a permanent thing and he wound up leaving the house for good a few weeks later. 

Just hoping that you guys are ok. This fight sounds like it was a doozy.

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Last night I left him on the couch and went out with my girlfriend. He was pretty upset...too bad. His family took mom in law out for breakfast this morning, her birthday is later this week and it is the 6 year anniversary of his dad's death. His mom is a saint. I wouldnt miss her birthday breakfast where she is also "celebrating" her husband/best friend's death. All is quiet for now. Hes working on acclimating the kids back to our house from BMs. He's actually doing a good job. Hes making them clean up their room and get ready for the week. He's not letting them mouth off and hes making them do things on their own. I know he learns from me and he tries but he doesnt follow through