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OT - Iceland Photos

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Sorry to be a blog hog, but mentioning Iceland in my last blog reminded me I forgot to post the photos.  These are just what I took on my iphone.  Once DH uploads his to his website, I'll post the link.  He has a few posted on his instagram if you want to follow him @ WoosterThorpe


Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:


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I'm totally jealous!  Iceland is on my list to visit, and I'm struggling to get in touch with XH about DD's passport!  Ahhhhh!

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I am planning a trip there for 2020 with my best friend, cousin and his wife and mil and fil. We’re leaving dh at home. He doesn’t fly lol. I may have to pm you when it gets closer to get some tips if that’s ok? We are hoping to stay 10-14 days and do the ring road in July. I am completely obsessed! 

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So weird... I think my YSD is going to go next week.  A friend of hers had a trip planned with her husband, but they just split last week so she asked if my SD could go with her.  A week vacation for free? how can you turn that