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Spoiled SS's Birthday

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So SS's 9th birthday is this next weekend. Yee ha here we go. DH and BM had a rule that the skids would have a "friend" bday party (sleepover, McDonalds the works) every other year (they still get family bday parties every year). This has been since the dawn of time and both skids are well aware of this. Well....both skids had their big friend parties last year. Low and behold SD comes home from school and asks me why SS gets to have a sleepover party this year when he had one last year AND her birthday just was and she didn't get one. Hmmm I say, he's not having a party here.... So yup, you guessed it. BM's throwing him a big party. Now let me say, I don't care what BM does with regards to bdays, holidays etc. BUT SS has yet again done the "I'll just get it from Mom game". He flat out went to his mom and whined like a two year old that he should have a friend party this year. He whines to her about toys he should have, activities he should go to, etc. I mean he will actually have a temper tantrum (think laying on the floor, yelling, sobbing,etc) He tries it with us, but we have no part of it. But BM will let him bully her around and of course, since we're in the middle of court battle she is happy to give him whatever he wants. He does this ALL the time. He even throws it in our face when DH or I say no to something, he'll flat out look at us and say "Well I'll just have Mom get it for me." So now SD11 is ticked off and even told her mom that. BM pretty much said "oh well". UGH Holidays and his Birthday are soooo difficult for me to bite my tongue. He get's really cocky and feels he's entitled to anything he wants.


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"oh well my Mom will get it for me"

I say good go ahead an ask her than. We are not going to and you knew it, so why even bother to ask.

And she does. She asks her BM, and BM does it. I let it roll off my back, as long as I am not paying for I couldn't care less. When SD is older and has kids of her own she will understand that you can't buy love from anyone. Often times BM in split relationships feel the need to befriend their kids instead of parent them. But kids have lots of friends, what they need and want is parents.

Your doing great. He can ask his BM if he wants. BM thinks she will win SS over for the custody hearing but she will lose SD if she keeps this up.