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DH and I have avoided COVID for the past two and a half years. Not that we have been living under a rock, but we have been smart - practicing hand washing, wearing masks in large crowds, getting vaccinated and boostered. Heck, I worked in a nursing home from 2020 to mid-2021 and still managed to avoid it. Now I work fully remote and DH works 50% remote. 

Well, COVID finally hit the CastleJJ household. On Saturday, DD8mos unexplainably projectile vomited all over herself, DH, and our bed. It only happened once and afterwards, DD went back to her normally happy self. We thought she was overfed or that something wasn't agreeing with her. Saturday night, DH starts feeling crappy. He takes a COVID test, negative. We all go to bed. On Sunday, DH is still feeling crappy. Another COVID test, another negative. DD still seemed happy and her typical self. We didn't think much of it. 

Last night, DD was struggling to breathe, super congested, and she screamed bloody murder every time I laid her flat. She "slept" upright for most of the night, probably only sleeping 30 to 40 minutes all night. Finally at 4:30, I said enough and took her to the ER. Something just didn't feel right and I was concerned it was RSV. I went to the ER alone since DH was symptomatic. The ER tests her and 40 minutes later, the nurse comes over and whispers "She's positive." I was shocked! I am assuming she picked it up at daycare since DH and I haven't left the house all week and DD was the only one who left the house to go to daycare. DH tested again this morning after I got back from the ER and his immediately came back positive. I, somewhat symptomatic, tested twice today and I am still negative. I fully expect to test positive either tomorrow or Wednesday. 

We are all trying our best to truck through. DD is being a trooper, although she is constantly sucking snot. It is so hard to watch her suffer. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can give her besides Tylenol and Motrin. We are just giving her lots of baths and snuggles. DH is sitting upstairs in the rocking chair with DD currently, where he has been for two hours, just so she can sleep comfortably. My Dad did a porch grocery drop off, which I am forever grateful for. Here's hoping that we all recover quickly. 


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Prayed you guys get over this asap with full recovery. 

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To help dry up and minimise the congestion?

we always have some at home due to my son's allergies and usual cold/flu/virus etc. 

Wish you all recover quick. Plenty of hubbys family have caught it and all just minor cold flu symptoms. Hubby had sore throat for a day and thats it

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Fully vaxxed and boosted and still managed to get it 3 times! (It went around work for both me and DH)

I hope you guys get better soon! 

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We are vaccinated, but not boosted and neither of us have had it that we know of, would of had to be asymptomatic if so. My whole family on the east coast has had it in the last month. First my mom, dad, and brother, then my uncle, aunt and 2 cousins, and now my grandparents have it this week. 

Hope you all feel better soon!

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for DD.  I hope she recovers quickly and you & Dh symptoms remain mild.

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Oh NO!!  I'm so sorry.  If you recall, my step-granson had covid when he was a wee one like your DD.  Similar symptoms and recovered -but he was really miserable too.

I wouldn't bother testing the home tests or antigen, just do a PCR.  We have had false negatives both me and DH when the PCR came positive. 

Please take care and please watch your symptoms.  I have had nothing but hell since Covid  During it I had similar flu/cold symptoms as most, loss of taste, smell, fever, congestion, headache, coughing....the taste/smell still hasn't fully resolved months later (I caught it in August), though it has improved.  I posted last month that I started having chest pain about a month after Covid....ended up with pulmonary embolism and am still on blood thinners (was hospitalized Fri-Sun).  So I've had to delay gallbladder surgery but am having horrific pain again, but I swear to me it's the pancreas and not gallbladder, because it's left sided.  Just had two appts today- the surgeon says he will have to request permission from my Hemo drs to see if they think I'm fit for surgery as they have to stop the thinners two days prior.  In the meantime GI is running more blood tests, will do an 'look only' endoscopy (as biopsies would require permission to go off the thinners as well), my diabetes numbers have skyrocketed and even insulin isn't bringing them down.  I've been super stressed, anxious, depressed, tired, insomnia and this dread feeling that something is very very wrong and they just aren't figuring it out. 

I'm actually going to try a new GI specialist group for a 2nd opinion or else just go back to the ER and stop getting the runaround and weeks of waiting for diagnostic tests.  

If you or anyone in your household gets really bad chest pain after covid, PLEASE go get it checked.  If you have any other conditions, make sure to follow-up with your doctors/specialists to ensure nothing changes- Covid causes MEGA inflamation and can do havoc in your body, even well after you recovered.  Sure, less people are dying then the 1st strain, however complications and subsequent illnesses and complications and EVEN death after recovery is still high.