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Halfway through

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We are halfway through our two week visit with SS9. I am just ready for him to go home. He has been whiny, argumentative, and just a little asshole in general. SS can never be wrong and if he is, he claims that we "misunderstood." Nothing we do for him is ever good enough. He is a mini BM, which is to be expected, but makes him more of a pain to deal with. He spent most of the week asking where his tracker smart watch is. DH told him it is turned off and in his bag (in our room) and that he does not need it. 

We took SS camping this weekend with my parents and he has constantly argued with the adults, refused to talk to other kids, and then complained he was bored nonstop, which is ironic because at BM's house, he does nothing but sit alone and be bored but he loves it at BM's house. We could take this kid to Disney World and he would find a way to be bored and hate it, but only with us.

I know BM has told SS that visits with DH are to spend time with DH 24/7 and if SS doesn't then it isn't him worth coming to visit at all. I know this because BM has told DH and I this, but come on. He just seems miserable with us. Plus BM is up our butts with communication while SS is with us, where when SS is with her, it's radio silence and we get to live our normal lives. 6 days to go, then two weeks off, and then SS comes back for two more weeks. Let's hope that SS is better during the next block of visitation in a few weeks. If not, I will definitely need a drink. 


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I'm sorry, best of luck on the this next week, hopefully he will come back with a better attitude, but I have a feeling you are just gearing up for the yucky pre-teen years and those are no fun at all.