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OT - Other People's Children

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Just a little vent here off topic. My boss brought his 7 year old daughter into the office today. Cute enough kid and fairly polite but when did "babysitter" become part of my job description? She sat in my office all morning long and did arts and crafts at my desk using my office supplies. She actually said that she gets to use all the stuff because her daddy owns the company. Isn't that sweet? She also said that I didn't really work here and that only the guys (we're in construction) really worked.

I am pretty laid back and I like kids, but really, I do have work to do while I am at work.

There is no real point to this. I am just a little upset about the whole morning and felt like I needed to share.


She's Back!!!!!!! Help me!


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Hate other people's kids. I know, that's terrible.
But the majority of children I see now days are out of control monsters. There are those who are well behaved and mind their manners. But most others you see running around....are terrible little shits.
Its not so much that I hate the kids, I just hate that their parents don't know how to be parents and they let their kids do whatever and say whatever the hell they want with no consequense.

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*~So sayeth Nymh~*

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It's fun for about the first 10 minutes.... then yeah.. there IS a desk under the colored pencils! Although after 'keeping an eye on' the bosses kids on numerous occasions it paid off for me when I one day had to "fire" my babysitter at 7:45 am and bring my own kid to work with me! LOL Thank God they said well I've brought mine plenty of times, it's fine if you have him here a day or two. Biggrin

But I remember what it was like... hang in there!