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He came back!!!!!!! Now my weekend and my life is ruined.

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I hope you remember my story (read my last 2 posts). Well, I thought my boyfriend's adult son was finally moving someplace else. My boyfriend PROMISED that he would not sleeping here anymore since my landlord warned me I could get evicted.

well, my boyfriend told me his son was going to come to our house just to pick up his clothes, which he left here. And my boyfriend lied!!!!!! His son did not pack up any clothes. He came to play video games as usual and stayed to sleep again!!!!!! His excuse? Well, it's Father's Day and the son had to be with his daddy. I had told the son and father that the landlord told me he could not sleep here or take showers and they both ignored me. As I said before the lease is under my name. The landlord is ok with my boyfriend being here but not his son.

I got super pissed and told my boyfriend his son could not take showers here because the landlord pays for the water. You know what he answered? He said: "Nobody will tell me that my son can't take a shower. He is first. I don't care if the president comes and tells me something". I swear those were his exact words. I can't believe he will defend his 23 year old son this way. He also said that no one can kick out his son because of Covid19 and the law won't let him move out. Is he right?????? The son is not on the lease. This man just doesn't understand and I might have to vacate my apartment since he's making things too difficult. I prefer to vacate the place than to get evicted.

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Not a big surprise. GF's parents were never going to let him stay there full time.

You need to kick this guy to the curb. Whether you stay or you move, you need to get rid of this guy. 

You are being emotionally abused. Look online for the number of a local abused woman's group and call them for advice on how to proceed.

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You are being used and abused. Please don't accept this treatment. If you do, things will get worse for you.

Call the police. Tell them you want SS removed from your home, as he has been living elsewhere and supposedly was only coming by to collect the rest of his belongings. When your AH bf makes a fuss, tell the officers you don't feel safe and are afraid of repercussions coming from your bf. They'll tell him he needs to leave, too.

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Why are you acting so shocked OP?  Did you really believe your dolt BF?  I would check your local ordinances on evictions and once you get the OK kick them both out!

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immediately and have his kid kicked out. Its your rental, you are on the lease, you did not invite ss in, did not give permission, your bf made the executive decision.

so when you come home and ss is there, tell him he has 10 seconds to leave before you call the police as he is not allowed in the rental property as per landlords rules!! Your dumbass bf doesn’t get to change the rules!!

if he doesn’t like the rules, buy an effin house but since he is too cheapskate to afford one, he can shut the eff up with his over the top banter that the president can’t tell him to do jackshit!!! He can get lost just like his pos son... 

lets face it, useless bums and crappy parents aren’t attractive at all. 

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I agree with the advice on calling the cops. You have an unwanted visitor who won't leave. I also agree that it's time you kicked your waster of a bf out too so take advantage of the police presence to say you're scared of the loser. Please understand that if you do not do this, the moocher will be back at every opportunity until your landlord kicks YOU out. This is a case of them or you, nothing more. So protect yourself and your home and lose this pile of steaming, stinking deadweight.

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Edit since I have more time.

Why would you want to leave the apartment instead of kicking this guy's adult son out?  And honestly, why don't you want to kick him out too?  He doesn't respect your boundaries AT ALL.  He's a moocher and quite frankly, a belligerent asshole.

He said: "Nobody will tell me that my son can't take a shower. He is first. I don't care if the president comes and tells me something".

Also, is he slow?  This isn't his home.  This isn't his son's home.  So yeah, as the sole person on the lease, you CAN tell him that your son can't take a shower because it violates your lease.   And the president comment is like he's in third grade.

Seriously, OP, what do you see in this guy that is making you willing to be HOMELESS for him?

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Who told you that you can't kick anyone out during the pandemic? Unless it was an attorney, I call BS, ESPECIALLY since you aren't the landlord and he isn't a tenant.

Tell them both to go. Have the police remove them if they won't go on their own. Pay your landlord for the extra water usage as a sign of good faith. Be DONE with them all.

From what I can tell, at least in the US, none of the pandemic laws stop eviction due to breaking up/divorce, especially if only one person is on the lease. You literally have all the power.

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In NY, there were some laws stopping LANDLORDS from evicting someone during the pandemic - I don't know if they are still in place, but at any rate, you aren't the landlord. You have every right to evict both of them.

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...and I'm betting he's not leaving tonight either! Is your BF on the lease? I don't think so. Both of them out! His son is not a tenant as he did vacate for a while. Document this and tell him to leave, he's not been there 30 days in a row. Don't believe your BF.

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This "man" needs to be you EX boyfriend. He has less than zero respect for you. He has shown you who he is and that you are in no way a priority in his life. Things will not improve. 

Your lease, your place, your rules. They both need to leave TODAY​​​​​. Call the police to expedite this process because your worthless bf will not make any effort. YOU KNOW THIS. 

Your life is only ruined if you choose to let this jerk to remain in your life. Love yourself more. 

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Call the police and have them removed. This is ridiculous. They are taking advantage of you. Put a stop to it or it will get worse and continue until you are homeless. You think they'll take you in if you end up homeless. I highly doubt it. 


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He told me the same thing again!!!! He told he that today it's his son's last day and he won't come back. But I find it hard to believe him after so many lies. And his "stuff" is not packed. How is he leaving??? If he doesn't take it, I'm packing it myself this time. 

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Your BF is full of shit, is gas lighting you and intimidating you into complying with his wishes regarding his POS failed spawn.

Time to play hard ball.  Call your landlord, ask him to re-key the locks (and bill you for it) to your apartment and to give only you the keys.  Then pay the complex handy man a fee to take all of their shit to the dumpster.  Since they are not on the lease, there pretty much isn't anything that they can do to stop you from booting then to curb.

Have some self worth and confidence.

Take direct, immediate and assertive action to solve the problem permanently.

I am sorry  you are having to deal with this crap.  Good luck.