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Chapter 9, Part 3: Workplace Etiquette According to Bratty McBratFace

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In 2017, during Summer of Terror 2.0, Bratty McBratFace was eventually hired as a part-time hostess at a local chain restaurant.  The good news is Bratty did not get fired this time as she did during her high school part-time job (spoiler alert – that wasn’t her fault!  She was discriminated against!  The store manager was against her!  She was the victim!).  The bad news (for the restaurant, the other workers and customers) was that Bratty did not get fired so unfortunately they were stuck with her.

On Bratty’s first day, the manager (a male, and not an evil middle-aged woman this time!) was showing her around and training her on some machines.  Obviously he was unaware of that Bratty McBratFace was already an expert at everything.  Bratty mentioned she used a similar machine at her prior job and the manager said ok, but let me show you anyway as a refresher.  When Bratty came home from her first day, she told SO she was very upset by this.  How dare he train her on something she already had knowledge of!  Who did he think he is?  He was clearly mansplaining and how was she expected to bear this?  I was listening while getting dinner ready but stayed silent since as SO noted ‘I was not Bratty’s mother’.  SO just sat there and nodded.

The next day Bratty was sent home early.  SO asked her why, and she was again upset.  She was told prior to being hired that the role required her to wear black pants, a black belt and a shirt the restaurant provided.  Well Bratty wanted to wear a white belt.  They sent her home and told her not to return until she had the proper attire.  Bratty again ranted to SO about the ‘man’ keeping her down with these made-up rules.  SO again nodded.

A week or so later, Bratty came home upset again.  SO asked her what happened.  A waitress complained about her to the manager saying she was seating people in the wrong sections.  Bratty said this waitress didn’t like her and had it out for her.  The manager went over the seating chart with Bratty again.  However, the drama with the same waitress flared up again when her family came for dinner there one evening and Bratty deliberately seated them in a different section (even though they asked specifically for this waitress’ section).  Bratty claimed she wasn’t aware of the request.  The manager reprimanded Bratty again.

Another week or so passes and Bratty again comes home upset.  A customer came into the restaurant wearing a shirt with a political slogan on it that Bratty did not agree with.  Yet Bratty had to seat him anyway!  Oh, the inhumanity!  Why did Bratty have to serve people like this?  (Um, because they are the customer and you are paid to).  SO told Bratty she didn’t have to do anything she was morally uncomfortable with and could quit if it was upsetting her.  (WTF!!!)  Bratty said she wanted the money though and would work there a little while longer, at least until she quit to do some travelling before her summer was over.

Which will bring us to our next installment…Summer Vacations According to a Mini-Wife.  Coming Soon! 


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I think the manager showed remarkable restraint and maturity.  You should patronize that place!  Lol.

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Brings back nightmares about the Summer of Terror 2.0 Smile

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I nearly fell over when he said Bratty should quit instead of serve a customer wearing a t-shirt she didn't like.  He took what should have been a good parenting moment about work ethic and responsibility and just pandered to her.  Which is why she is the way she is.

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LOVE the entitlement!!! All about ME and MY feelings!! *insert eye roll* Keep the chapters coming! Haha

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This reminds me of my 20-year-old stepdaughter.  She has had 8 jobs that I know of in the past 4 years (and many more that didn't even make it past the training stage).  Whenever they stop scheduling her or she gets outright fired, it is everyone else's fault, of course, and a giant conspiracy theory lie to explain it away to her father.  The stories she tells are pathetic.

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When Bratty got fired for her high school job, first it was oh they cut everyone's hours.  Then later it was a big conspiracy and discrimination.  I guess being a victim is sexier than being lazy on the job, which is likely what really happened.

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Wow, so hes as complicent as she is. Enabler and co-conspirator extraordinare.

Geeeze. Even Feral Forger could keep a job - when she wasnt stealing or not showing up because *head ache* Butt ache * stomach ache* hung over.

Of course now shes not working because *COVID*.

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No actual parenting happens.  In a way you can't really blame Bratty for being what she is - she was never taught any differently.

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Her work ethic is comendable and why does everyone have it out for her? I would expect your DH consoled her for such injustices. Poor poor brattymcbrat face.

Looking forward to the mini wife vacation DANG that'll be a hoot.

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You all are much younger than I so here's what happens when these entitled kids get older.  The next step is to sue that discriminatory, abusive, immoral company for all the injustices against them.


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As we'll see when Bratty tries to become an volunteer EMT later on.  Thank god they rejected her, lol.  She would have killed someone!

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I'm enjoying your posts. Thank you for sharing! Here is to hopping this Disney dad finds some balls! 

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Thanks for reading Smile

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I am curious does SO really take her side or does he coddle her to avoid a dramatic outburst if Bratty is told she is wrong? 

I have been seeing more and more how these men will do anything to avoid DD being upset. 

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It is more to avoid upsetting Bratty.  But he starts to believe the delusions at a certain point and will mostly defend them if I or anyone else points them out.

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I can't stop laughing and shaking my head.  The horror of having to wear a particular color belt to work.  That borders on communism!  Having to seat someone when they're wearing a shirt with offensive political slogan on it?  Someone call the police!  

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And SO encouraging it, instead of putting Bratty in her place!  *dash1*

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So basically what you are saying is that the cancel culture ideal has stemmed from all these little snowflakes that years ago people laughed at and told them to get over it. Now if Bratty had refused to seat him because of his offensive shirt people would call her a hero.

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Snowflakes melt under pressure.  You can't give it to them straight.

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I enjoy reading your blogs.  How do you remember all these details about Bratty?  You have a way of making it all sound like it happened yesterday.

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Probably because it was so traumatic at the time - do you know when sometimes something is bothering you and you play it over and over and over in your head like a broken record?  That's what my headspace was like that summer.  So its like etched in there now.

In some ways those thoughts still come into my head but just as disorganized fragments.  Its been helpful writing it all down now as it has helped organize those random thoughts and give them a structure.  I can also explore the one question that bothers me to this day - I know I dislike Bratty but I am going back over things to get to the root of why I dislike her to the extent of not wanting contact with her.  I think I'm starting to gain some understanding of that but still processing.

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Maybe you dislike her because she is a dislikeable person.  Sounds like nobody likes her but her dad.  **shrugs shoulders**

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and glad that 2017 is in the past, this may help to process the insanity of your SD's behaviors and her unrealistic expectations. The men that turn to jellyfish (no spine) for their daughters just to avoid a meltdown is showing how the bratty girls are manipulating dad. I wonder if these bratty girls treat their StepDads as awful as their bio fathers? 

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Bratty doesn't speak to her biomom (and neither does SO as all of the kids are adults now) but we know she isn't re-married because she continues to ride the alimony pony - that train would stop if she did get remarried.  Given that she is full blown very overweight pyscho now it is not likely she will ever re-marry, frankly.