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The Drama Queens I have to deal with.

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I started dating my husband Dec 2007. I met his daughter February 2008, she was 18 at the time.
We got along very well, I started coming over to the house more often, one nioght when i was leaving his ex wife was their with his daughter. Come to find out she ended up staying the night with her daughter. I was pissed because i know the only reason she did that was to cause a fight between me and him. It worked, but we gotover it very fast. My SS ended up getting a house in July 2008 with her BFF, and things werent going very well. I ended up getting into a fight with the BFF because she was running her mouth on my SS. So, my SS moved back in with us that day. My husband and I started having issues around Nov. & Dec. I play on Myspace a lot because I like the games. One game in particular is caled OWNED and you buy people/friends and other people buy them back and you build up your money. I had bought my SS and I "Owned" her for awhile, then her mother bought her from me. So i bought her back, since that is the whole point of the game! She gets all mad at me and writes me a message telling me to basically stop buying her daughter. She buys her back and i bought her again, and she sent another message saying "I thought we had this shit cleared up!" How would you like it if I bought your kids?" I said..."Lol, ok it is just a game, go ahead" She then decided to call her daughter complaining that I keep buying her and I am causing problems. My boyfriend called me because his daughter (Drama Queen in Training) called him complaining to him about whats going on. He called me at work and asked me what was going on so I told him and I read him the messages she had written to me. She then wants to start running her mouth on me and saying rude things ....I have no life I am always on the computer and the list goes on....Mind you i worked at a Cricket Store by myself and I had nothing to do 95% of the time so I played my games while I was at work to kill time. Then I buy every single one of my friends and she then starts griping saying I bought all her friends and I get on her page to buy her friends (I had never even looked at her page) and she calls her daughter complaining again. Her daughter calls me and starts getting mouthy with me telling me to stop buying her moms friends I am doing it on purpose and why cant I buy my own friends since I have so many....(None of her business so why is she getting into it) I ended up getting pissed because my boyfriend called me griping at me because his daughter called him after she called me.

I stop buying anyone that she owns for about 3 months, but she still continues to buy the people I have that she doesnt even know. I ended up going to her page then and buying everyone I knew just outta spite and to be a bitch because I was getting tired of her crap and me always having to shut MY mouth. We had also found out I was pregnant in January but didnt tell anyone until February. So I think she strted her crap again because she found out I was pregnant. His daughter is the ONLY kid he had, so I think she was mad cause she wasnt "the only baby momma" and didnt hve control over him because their daughter was an adult. This crap goes on for awhile. I threw my SS a graduation on July 12th. I was late because I had to go to my BFFs babyshower that morning. I just recently found out that she wore a see through shirt to the graduation party and my SS made her come to MY house and change. My SS and I have been rocky since maybe May or June. So EVERYTHING I put on my status message she tells her daughter or she calls my husband, who in turn calls me bitching me out.! IT IS MY PAGE! WHY IS SHE LOOKING AT MY PAGE TO BEGIN WITH, I dont get on her page and look at her crap. What I put on MY page is MY business. This psycho has a picture of MY daughter on her page. We got married a week after the grad party

To the point, I have been dealing with woman for almost a year now and i am completely FED up with her! their daughter is 20 years old now and this woman calls my husband or tel my stepdaughter crap I havent done just to get them mad at me! She is just like her mother. She thrives on Drama and loves to start crap with people. i think she is jealous cause she isnt the only child and its not all about her anymore because her daddy has a new wife and a new family. I just had our son on sept 10th, she was suppose to be in the room because I had invited her in there when we were getting along. The night i go into labor i asked her if she still wanted to be in there (we were fighting again) and she says no, she just wants to know if its her dads or not because she has had a feeling this whole time its not his!!!! WTF! He is my husbands son of course but she doesnt want anything at all to do with her brother and i have her mother telling MY friends on the computer that the baby is not my husbands and she cant believe I am f***ing him over like this and everyone knows it isnt his baby. Then my SS tells me the other day i am lucky she didnt "whip my ass" when i was pregnant and the only reason she didnt was out of respect for her dad. i am tired and fed up with both of these b****es I am about to say f*** it and whip their asses.


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Oh my good lord in Heaven, aren't they a fun bunch.

You absolutely and totally need to disengage! No one needs this sort of crap with a new born. Hang in there.

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If your husband wants the calls to stop from BM, he needs to tell her, then allow the calls to go to VM. At this point in time, communication in regards to your SD can be communicated between her and your DH.

Also, anytime you play into someone's game, you will end up losing. Disengage from the immaturity, then the only person that will look like a fool is BM. I would suggest you disconnect yourself from anyone that BM knows and make your page private.

There are things you can do to eliminate alot of this, but YOU just have to be willing not to play into the game.

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I'm afraid I agree - you took part in the game via myspace, so it's going to be difficult now to take the moral high ground.

All you can do now is step away from the games, perhaps stop using myspace for a while completely. When you put your profile on these sites you're inviting whoever feels like looking to do so - either block her completely, close the profile or use a different site where only people you've approved can see your stuff.

The other issue appears to be SD20 not engaging with her new brother - this is always going to be difficuly considering the age difference, SD is old enough to have children of her own, so she may always feel more like an aunt figure rather than a sister. All you can do is keep trying, keep inviting her along to stuff etc. As for them saying you son isn't your DH's, only he can deal with this one I'm afraid, let him know what is being said and then let him deal in his own way.

Don't give them the power to ruin the early days with your son.

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This is why SMs and BMs shouldn't be on the same websites. This sounds like a high-school drama to me. Once you saw that BM was playing that same game you should have deleted your account and kept your distance. Stop playing that game. Just remove yourself. Let the SD and BM say and think what they like about the baby. You and your DH know the truth. But you have to elevate yourself above the BS because it sounds like SD and BM won't do it on their own.

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'Buying people' and doing the things you were doing purely 'out of spite.'
Sounds like you've engaged in just as much drama as you claim to despise about these people.

And now you're pissed about it?

Sounds like you danced with the devil and now you have to pay the price.

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I totally understand that you got pissed off and thought "an eye for an eye". It's so easy to get caught up in crap like that especially when you've done nothing wrong really and someone is just wanting to stir up trouble. I would just block her from my page from here on out and let DH invite SD to brother's events, if she shows she shows, if she doesn't then she doesn't. Just continue on with your life and know that everything works out in time.

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oh KNOW I've got something to say on this one...:)

I think the whole,"buying people" thing on myspace is a really shitty game in the first place. It's a game but the undertone is just wrong...come on...BUYING PEOPLE?? when people were bought and sold it was called slavery...

Anyway...back to the original problem in the post: You asked for this sweetie. I know BM and SD are probably HUGE pains in the ass but you opened yourself up to the drama. When you open yourself up and try to play a "game" or try to be on ANY social network with a BM whom you KNOW is dripping w/drama; you kind of have to expect mud slinging and bullsh*t to be shoveled your way.

I think rather than fiddling around with BM and SD you should worry about blocking them from your myspace OR just delete your myspace and get a facebook...they have games on that site too. OR if you're really bored at work, create a meez character and play games on that site. Extract yourself from the nonsense

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"I think the whole,"buying people" thing on myspace is a really shitty game in the first place. It's a game but the undertone is just wrong...come on...BUYING PEOPLE?? when people were bought and sold it was called slavery..."

Yeah, B, that's EXACTLY what I was thinking, too!! Wink

"Of course things worked out nicely for Carol Brady...she had a live-in maid and Mike's first wife was DEAD!"