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It is what it is...

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Ok. We are on a very expensive get away. Step daughter 10. Is sitting on the floor crying. She tells my husband "sometimes I just stare at the wall & cry" He talks to her a bit & after awhile she tells him her mom told her everyone is going to be mean to her on the trip & leave her while skiing & she will be all alone & have a terrible time, etc. he talks to his son 14. He confirms that he overheard conversations of this. & yes there is a history of parent alienation. I am so over this!!! It totally effects the mood of the entire day & of everyone. I feel like my children are being robbed of happiness bc they have to deal with this emotional drama. I feel bad for his kids... But I am just over it. I feel like a terrible person for even feeling that. Sad


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What an awful person! I would just make such a fuss over EVERYONE and make sure they ALL have an amazing time. Then when SD returns to her mother you can say "I really wonder what your mum was on about. We had a wonderful time, right?"

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Thank you for the encouragement. I am trying to. It's so hard.

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Every PAS'ing BM does that: ours would convince skids that they would have a terrible time withDHs family - which was bullshit, easily exposed. I know you need teachable moments during your vacation like a hole in your head but this is a chance for your husband to talk to SD and do some reality testing. Compare and contrast BMs expectations with what's really taking place. Teach independent thinking!

That's the answer- I hope your SD learns resilience, resists the pressure to hate. It's rough... On everyone.