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Dad's estate 3/4 of the way done

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Hey we had a little progress on the Alaska Properties of my Dad's estate.  My PR sister used a personal representatives deed  to put 1 of 4 properties in her name, #2 in my name, #3 in our little sisters name!  This is great news!  it is finally recorded and no one can take the daughters Alaska properties.

( I prepared the documents and advise her because we had to use Dad's old will because Dad's widow wouldn't produce a new will that Dad said he was going to make to name me PR- sis needs help) If you remember, Dad had a will and a prenup so the Alaska properties went in the daughters name and his wife agreed to it- but after his freak death, she did not stick to what she and my dad had agreed on.  

back when he died and I was suffering, some posters on here told me that was her money and I was greedy and should leave her alone.    some people said that if he had not made a transfer on death deed, he did not intend for us to have the properties from our youth that he had promised and willed to us.  

 IF you don't remember********(she was my age, they were married for 9 years, she talked him into moving 4000 miles away and hung up the phone on us when we tried to contact him, she tricked him into all of his money, then he died from a blunt force head trauma, then she challenged the will and the prenup.)*********

the courts allowed for the daughters to have the Alaska properties.

and dads widow got the $350,000. that she tricked him out of, his farm/ranch and home in new Mexico and his spousal benefits /social security for the rest of her life. 

Now we have just one Alaska property left to handle. it is assessed at $369,000. our attorney told us the court date is in March.  We need prayers to get it back.  Attorney is very confident that we are going to be successful.  none of the daughters have enough money to cash out the other 2 sisters, and the home cannot get a bank loan -needs repairs.  We 3 daughters need to figure out how to share a house. so we need prayers for successful transfer and wisdom. 

So what we all need to take from this: 

wills and prenups can still be challenged and tied up for years till you up to earballs in debt trying to keep everything. So take the poster from my previous post's  advice and get a transfer on death deed that names who is supposed to go to on all your properties.  Name life insurance/ retirement account beneficiaries separately - (on each person not one person with intent to distribute, because they don't always do it, and will have to take the tax consequences on the GIFT that they give to the beneficiaries - each beneficiary needs to inherit separately).  After a death expect people may change minds and point of views of what was supposed to happen. After a death, expect people may define the will totally different. After a death, expect people may never talk to each other again.  Pray for closure and an end to suffering during times like these. 



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Death and family is always complicated. Your situation is even worse. I am glad you are getting the closure you need.

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thank you so much, jmtbest, it was like we were paralyzed, you never know what someone else will do during these times. 

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THanks Futurobrillante99, Dad is Dad. and I found this old phone yesterday with some old videos of Dad, its hard to breathe when watching them. Dad made his choices and we cant control the choices other people make.  I will always have my memories and no one can take that away.  Im glad so far the three alaska properties stay with the family, my mom and dad homesteaded them. 

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Thank you, Aniki, we all try to do the best we can.  Its all we can do. My dad has a lot of grandkids from my sisters and I, and we try to preserve his memory with his GKS.

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That's lovely! I never tired of hearing stories of my grandparents or stories from my aunts and uncles about "when I was a girl/boy...". <3

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As our attorney told us when we updated our wills last year, it does not prevent anyone from protesting the will but it does provide legal standing.  

I made sure that all property of DH that was to go the skids had a transfer on death put in place years ago AND made sure each skid had a copy of the transfer on death deed.  This by passes probate and the skids are responsible for taking care of it after their Dad goes...I am not in the loop.

HOWEVER, SD (60) got really angry that I had the nerve the get involved with her inheritance.  It was nuts she was so hot about it.  We were living in a community property state at the time and I was required to sign off on the documents.  If I had not signed off, there would have not been a transfer on death deed in place and what a mess could ensued.

Good luck with your fourth property!  Your post had some great advice!

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RUDE!! how could SD60 be angry for you to be involved when you had to sign off? its like a drowning wild cat who scratches and fights the person who fished them out of the lake.  Or the moose who kicks you as you untangle their leg from the fish nets hanging in the yard. 

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What a good analogy!  I am so sorry you having to go through this after losing your dad.  It is amazing what people are capable of doing at the most difficult times.  Please keep us up to date!