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Im an idiot II- the saga

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on my last post DIL (ss's wife) asks for the birthdays. I give 12 months of calender screen shots with birthdays.  then I ask her for two birthdays, and she says its not her place to tell me.

TOday she texts me- what is great grandmas address? 

I texted back- "funny- good one!

then she says -"Im confused

then an hour later she texts - "so I guess thats a no

and I try to call her and she doesnt answer the phone.

got suckered again-im stupid

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SS's wife (DIL) texted me that she wanted everyones birthdays, so I texted screenshots of all 12 months of my calender where b-days and anniv were written in black sharpie. She said thank you Smile and then asked where (one SGdaughters bday was). I looked over all my old calendars and could not find.  I asked her to tell me it when she found it.

Attorneys please help

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hello, foreclosure help needed.  I am a real estate broker, but need secondary legal help. my deceased dad had sold his (home built) home owner finance against my advisement. well they didn't pay and he began the foreclosure process. and then he died by a blunt force trauma head wound. (his wife said he fell off the roof at age 75)  annnnywayyyyyy, 

PASed Lady I met on Airplane after her BM death

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Awsome trip to see Daughters Master Degree Graduation, then flew from there to see SS30 & his gal and 2 SGKIDS.  The lady on the plane was comming back from a two week trip with her boyfriend to see her elderly Dad.  Her dad and SM have been married 40 years.  She said to me "GOSH- its so great to be able to have a relationship with my dad, now that my mom has died, I can talk to him on the phone and go visit him and not have to worry about my mom being mad and jelous." "Its just so nice and I love my relationship with him,  hes such a great guy!

The Son- Hulu

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I found this series on Hulu called the sun.  SECOND SEASON like episode 4 or something.....

Bear with me on this analogy......

Old Eli catches a person responsible for murdering 30 of his cows, and pushes him into a hole and tosses a bit of dirt in to get him panicking. 

Old Eli tells the how murderer how they handled it in his upbringing in the Indian tribe, they buried them up to the neck and cut off the eyelids and let them sit out until they went blind. 

Old Eli says: "We didn't want to kill them, We just wanted to kill their spirit." 


survived being excluded this weekend SD's second wedding

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Disclaimer: It wasaround 24 years ago I was a young stepparent who took care of skids most of every other week while DH worked 12 hour factory shifts. I fed them, washed their clothes, packed school lunches, drove them to school, took them to dr's and haircuts and drove field trips and volunteered in their classrooms, bought their school supplies and clothes, let them have slumber parties at my big home, loved them and was kind to them.