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Classic Text Book plays of the EX!

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My only advice for someone fixing to get married into a family that children already exist in and you are becoming a step parent

Is number one rule is to make sure you live at least 2 ½ hours away from the ex.
Because: this is always a text book rule with every bitch that pulls this crap.
My ex marrying his new wife makes new wife my nanny. Now how do you think the ex-wife is going to play this card? It goes a little like this

Ex-wife – the kids would like to see you more often. You are only across town. Could you or get your new wife pick up jack and Jill at school and while she is at it she needs to pick up some cough meds for Jill and take them to their scout meeting at 6pm and they can stay a night with y’all but she needs to get up and take them to school tomorrow.

Ex-husband (your husband now) Oh okay yea we can do that. I would love to see my kids.

Ex-wife- um yes they would really like to see you. I didn’t think you would ever deny our children.

If you the new wife bocks on it and it gets back to the ex-wife ears.

Ex-wife- uh John? The kids really want to see you. Are you really going to deny your children? It is pretty pathetic of you because the children wants to see you and now you are going to sit here and upset them. Really John? Your new wife is obligated to our children because they are your children John. I do not get what her problem is. If she didn’t want to deal with OUR children. You should not have married her!

I am pretty sure every ex who wants to control the other person life played out this classic text book deal.


I find living quite a few miles apart elevates some stress especially this classic text book play.

Feel free to share a classic BS antic to this blog.


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I say either a whole other state or at least the other side of the state you live in! We live about 20 minutes from BM and yet she has no problem calling and expecting BF to drop EVERYTHING work, school whatever to go pick up a kid from school because they scraped there knee on the play ground and must be brought home. Or god forbid BF can't make it a school concert ot talent show the guilt trip starts you're missing important things. UMMMM listen you stupid bitch, they are 5 and 7 there will be plenty of shows he will be able to make he can't make EVERYONE! I missed plenty of stuff because I had to wrok, but I was ALWAYS there for the things that will only happen once, graduations, awards ECT. OH GOD I hate her and I have an extreme hate for her today!!

Oh my advise NEVER get involved with a guy with kids, but at my age that is almost impossible, and when I do meet them they were late starters and want kids. NO TO THE FUCKEN WAY! I am done!

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Oh my advise NEVER get involved with a guy with kids, but at my age that is almost impossible


This was my problem as well. I did not get married after high school or in my 20s.

I got married in my 30s. I didn't have my daughter until I was 33 and I had my son this year and I am 38.

When you wait until your 30 to marry the pot gets a little small in choices.

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I got married in my mid 20's had 2 kids by 30. By the time I got divorced and starting dating I was in my mid 30s so the pool of men without kids was so so but I didn't want anymore kids.

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Agreed, at least in my situation. The BM lives across the county and this takes care of most of the common stressers like PU/DO, clothing, school supplies, her coming into my house, bumping into each other and so on.

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Up until a year ago my SO lived within a mile from BM and skids. When he decided to move 20 miles away (to be closer to work), you would have thought he left the country. By this time the youngest was driving and then he bought her a car so she could drive herself over. But right after he moved before he bought her a car, some days he would run back and forth 2 even 3 times. Pick up skid, skid forgot homework, clothes, take skid back. Kid would only want to come over for a couple of hours, back and forth with in a few hours. I think BM and skids took it as a personal insult when he moved. But I'm sure they blamed me.

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BARF! That is all I can say.

It is comforting that they are many miles away but cuntzilla still found ways to stare up her hell to cost us hell.

For four years it was like she was still in our life even though she was 3 1/2 hours away. We get the S-kids spring break, summer vacation, thanksgiving and Christmas.

When we got married she kept us in courts between the times he got the kids. It would be
Spring break, court, summer vacation, court, thanks giving, Christmas, court.

We went from moving around his family to moving around my family and we are now 2 1/2 hrs away and she is playing a whole new game. She dropped the court thing for right now. Earlier this year

She played a guilt trip on him about him not showing up for any of the extracurricular activities.

She try to serve up a lie about the kids didn't like coming to this house because it was nasty. The house was never nasty and I found out from the kids that they love this house that they brag the house is bigger than theirs. So what does that tell you? The bitch of a BM cuntzilla was jealous.

The dumb bitch bought a dangerous animal that the daughter can't even ride. What stupid mother would by an untrained animal? I would never ever do that to my own child. The only reason she bought that animal that way because in her psycho mind she thought it was going to lure my husband back down there on weekends to go train that animal and he was going to stay over at her house to do it. And guess what? It didn't work!!!!! He is not going to do it.

Her latest stunt is the Damsel in Distress crap. She called a couple days ago to let him know that one of the kids broke her arm. She said that the doctors said it was broke. NOW yesterday she sent a message in and said the doctors now say it is bruise. Now I wonder how the doctor made such a big mistake of not being able to tell if it is broke or bruised. hmmmm? I don't think it was ever broke or she was at the doctor’s office that day when she call to say it was broke. I think she was testing the waters to see if she said the kids arm was broke that he would jump in the car and go down there to be there. It didn't happen. All he told her over the phone is keep me posted.

She keeps pulling these stupid antics and wow you have to be one stupid desperate woman to tool your kids around like that. It is sick. It has been 5 years now.

What gives?

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My DH ex lives 2 states away, but now SS says he is living with us, so it's not like we can just drop him at his mom's house for the weekend now! I hate it, praying he leaves and goes back and DH stops feeling guilty and sends him back home.

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OMG!!! "....Your new wife is obligated to our children because they are your children John. I do not get what her problem is. If she didn’t want to deal with OUR children. You should not have married her!" I have heard these EXACT words (with exception to the name) come out of MMM mouth....not just once or twice...more times than I care to remember OR count!

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DH is the same way, raging against he notion being a step parent is easy and how much he enjoys being with me and my kids. Well DUH DH. That is because you don't have to do anything, I take care of all and everything for my kids directly, I never allow them to disrespect you, they listen to you because that is MY expectation of them and MY expectation of you is anything you CHOOSE to do is bonus but you are requried to do nothing. My bios have a father, he may only see them 10 days a month but he is their father - I fill all other duties.

DH's children have a mother. She lives less than 10 mins from here and has them 50% of the time. She chooses to be a part time mother, nothing more, nothing less. Its not my duty to backfill for her because she is lazy. Its not my duty to backfill for DH because he feels bad their mother is disinterested in her own kids. Its not my duty to backfill for either of them. I am practically a single mother to my own 2 kids with little to no contribution from their father and little to no contribution from their step father (which is fine) I do not need 2 more kids added to the load when they have 2 parents that can CHOOSE to function and engage.