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So glad the S-kids went home today

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They were here the first of June! My SS is the best I get alone with him fine. I do not get alone with the SD and I must say She is nothing but a little BITCH!

She has made my two months of summer missrable.

She is a well train MAMA's girl.

All she did the entire time she was here is stay on her phone and message her mother.

She made Fathers day hell. We all went to a buffet and all she did is message to her mom on the phone and giggle. I finely figure out I was the laughing butt of their jokes. She snapped pictures of me sent it to her mom and they talked about how FAT I have became since I had my son back in March.

She is lazy as hell. She will eat in the living room like little debbies and will not get off her lazy ass walk to the kitchen and throw the wrappers away. She stuff them into the couch. I had put a trash can by the couch in hopes she would get the hint to throw her trash away in a trash can and the little bitch still stuffed it in the couch.

She refuses to ever interacts with her half sister much less the half brother. She grosses me out.

The SS Is great with his half siblings he interacts with them. We have purchase him a horse while he is here for his aguculture project for school this year. I was fine with it. The BM tried the best she could to get my husband to release his horse to his son which was pissing me off.

My husband wanted to take us all on vacation to Este Park, CO. Colorado is my favorite state to go to and it is to bad I had to share it with that damn little bitch of a SD! She ran all over the place with her phone wanting her brother or dad to take different poses and she would send them to her mother. :sick:

Well they went home today and I am glad. I had to listen to one more puke of a remark that came from the BM with her saying "we must finely got out of our money funk problem and seem to be doing really well again she wonder if she needs to check into that" and left it like that. ... Yea bitch I bet you will be having us back in court soon!!!!

We are doing to well you needing more money!

Just Ranting.


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Next visit, if there is one, she should probably "lose" her phone. You know what I mean? And when she searches everywhere for it, just ignore her. Hehe! And then, when she tries to convince you to let her use your phone, or her siblings phone, stand your ground.

Oh, and don't buy that shit she was eating. She doesn't need it. And you won't find her wrappers in the couch. That would be the last Little Debbie she would EVER eat at my house.

Seriously. This is your house. Act like it.