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My kids idea for a family gift... Wanted to share as it is AWESOME

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Their older 1/2 sister lives with her mom and other 1/2 sister. They wanted to get sis a present. Then don't want to leave her 1/2 sis out... Then realized only mom wouldn't get a gift. That seemed wrong to them Sooooo after them tossing ideas around (they get $5 per person from me and they are adding $5 of their allowance each sooo they have realized if they agree on a gift they can get someone a $20 present) they came up with a "family" gift. To include either a game or movie, popcorn, snacks and a drink per person. This works if it is a couple too. Just make the items a little more adult. Their 1/2 sis is 20.. But her 1/2 sis is 17 soo the gift will be more "family" then adult. But I think I'm going to steal the idea for my bro and sister in law. Buy them cards against humanity, a bottle of wine, fancy popcorn and a hickory farm cheese sampler. I really like the idea. So I'm sharing for you guys to use it AND because I'm proud of my monsters.