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Adult Steps That Won't Grow UP

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My oldest SS (age 24) called his father last week and asked if they can go to the movies this weekend (it's Dad's weekend) to see the new Ironman movie. Dad said yes, of course. This means Dad pays for, popcorn, soda, candy. So this will cost us $120.00 this weekend to take them to the movies. At 24 yrs old you call and ask your father to take you to a movies. Blows my mind!


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Oh, I don't know. I'd call my dad up and ask him if he wanted to go to lunch or something, knowing that he'd pay, but not thinking much of it. It wasn't till I had a good paying job that I would invite him and offer to pay. I've lived with Dad all growing up.

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I was also married at age 24 and would invite my dad and sm over for dinner or lunch or holidays or whatever too though.

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Failure to launch. Don't foresee launching anytime soon. I used to joke around saying I wasn't having a 30something coming over every other weekend, sleeping on my sofa. Well, I think it will become reality. If I say anything I'm the bad guy and get accused of coming between him and his kids.

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There is a 24 yr old, 21 and 17 (soon to be 18 yr old). The youngest turns 18 in June and is the only one under the visitation schedule. However, the 24 and 21 year old follows it to the letter, more so then the 17. Every Tue & Thurs from 4 - 8 p.m. they are at my house and every other weekend. AND, they (including the 24 and 21) have to be home to their mother's house by 8 p.m. during the week. On weekends that we have them they need to be back to their mother by 7 pm.

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That's whacko! :jawdrop:

I know we StepTalkers say this all the time, but ...

my parents were the last people that I wanted to hang with when i was a young adult. I wanted freedom and independance and to grow my wings and fly.

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They have been so programmed not to have freedom they don't know what that is now. They have no friends, go nowhere. They come over every other weekend and twice during the week and just sit in my house with laptops opened. They watch the clock until it's time to go back to their mother's. God forbid it they are late. They have to ask if they want to stay later, which they rarely do.

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At 24 yrs old you call and ask your father to take you to a movies. Blows my mind!
That is actually very pathetic! And your DH is not teaching skid a thing except to take, take,take. Your DH needs to tell SS that SS can pay one time and then DH one time. Ect.

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Interesting....I have to laugh LOL! Because I hear similar things from my DH about " his weekend" with
33 year old daughter.Did I say married too?

Thank you Foxie. Made may day! I have a 33 yo S.D. with Failure to Launch an adult life!

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Hmmm.. I'm 35 and I still call my daddy up for lunch, a movie, bbq and swim at his (my parents' house).. so this doesn't strike me as anything terrible, really. I am married, have a career, my own home and life.. but dad will still treat me to a father/daughter day. I don't, by any means, EXPECT this from him.. I just like to spend time with him occasionally, since life has become so busy.. and if he wants to treat, then fine by me! Smile

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Back when Star Wars was released in 1978 (77?), Dad took me and my brother to see it. Flash forward many years later when Episode I came out, my brother and I thought it would be neat if we asked Dad if we could take him to the moves.

See? We, the adult children are taking our Dad to the movies and not the other way around.

Unfortunately, Dad refused to let us pay for him and he spend most of the time bitching at the price of the stuff at the concession stands.

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That's wonderful that you dad treated you guys to a movie. However, it wasn't expected. This situation is always expected.

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So they scheduled to see the movie tonight. Last evening my husband called one of his sons asking what time they decided on for the movie. He was told 6 p.m. (I'm sure that because they have to be home by 8 p.m.). My hubby wants me to go as well. Since the theater is on my way home from work, he said to meet him and the 3 of them at the theater and he would just ride with them to the movies, so he and I could drive home together. He tells his son this. Apparently there was so much controversary over this, I would have right then and there cancelled the movie, if it were me. He kept explaining that if they waited to me to get home, we would never make that showing. Basically they (he) didn't like the idea that they would have to use one of their vehicles to get to the theater. I am irrate. I told hubby, you are paying for all of this, but they have a problem with driving to the theater? DH said yeah, that's exactly what I was thinking. Little by little I pray DH is waking up.