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Well this PROVES I'm a Bad Parent!!

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Obviously Peg (my grown biodaughter) felt comfortable enough in front of GG to reveal some naughtiness as kids and so did Awesomeson.

Of course GG was DROOLING with INTRIGUE!!! Yep, Peg admitted that one time she FAKED A STOMACHACHE to get out of going to church.

That's it folks.

Oh but GG RAN with that one. He said he got a "chuckle" out of it b/c it proved I'm not a perfect parent. Ahem, I never said I was but I did say that the Behemothg is a horrendous parent. This of course, was all an attempt to make the Behemoth look good, his kids look good and me look like a terrible parent.

So of course he'll be using this against me in the next fight we have. Say if I mention that a co-worker has a kid who is doing well in school and GG's face twists in uncontrollable rage (because he knows his kids unnecessarily get absolutely abysmal grades in school), he can mention this faux pas of Peg's and rub it in my face.



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SHE SKIPPED CHURCH? FAKED A STOMACHACHE? C'mon, that wayyy worse than shitting all over furniture OR getting all Fs! Blum 3

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meanwhile his perfect crotch droppings are failing school and treating him like sh*t. Yeah that's equal to skipping church once.

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Yeah the old: "I may be a lunatic druggy/drunky axe wielding maniac but you (or your kids) don't floss after every meal and snacks."

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Good Lord woman! How can you live with yourself??? You raised a child who faked a stomach ache to get out a church? Clearly you are an affront to all that is good and holy in motherhood. Good day to you Madam! That's right. I SAID GOOD DAY!!!!!!! Blum 3

P.S. How on earth did you keep from majorly bitch-slapping him?????

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Aut, how will you ever show your face in church again?? The horror you must feel!! Hang your head in shame woman :-O

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According to GG, you'd think the church skipping event was the equivalent to pushing the "world nuke" button!

I'll never forget the day he compared Peg, at the time a stay at home housewife, to a co-worker's out of control and on probation druggy, shoplifting teen daughter.

GG: "They are both working the system"

:jawdrop: :jawdrop:

Shades of excuses for VD (SD13) to come!!!