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Public Service Announcement!

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All a crazy BM needs is...Yoga!  At least that’s the message my SO got over the weekend.  

After more than 10+ years of out of control behavior (including having the cops called out for domestic situations, regularly hitting her kids as well as verbal abuse, including texts my SO has seen so we know it’s not exaggeration on their part, and heck - her own parents don’t like her)...

she has gained “so much peace and calm from the yoga” that she’s been doing for the last month, she wanted my SO to know that she’s a new person.  

Oh, and her boyfriend broke up with her.

But really, folks!  Get your crazy BM signed up for a class today!  Not being in yoga has been the problem all along!

The More You Know!





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Does it solve drug addiction magically too?

Because if so... I'll start googling yoga studios ASAP...

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BM2 does yoga and healthy eating and apparently reads/has read the Quran.  Ain't done nothin' to change that crazy lol.  Good luck though...I'm sure her message had nothing to do with her being single again.


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HCBD semi regularly has revelations or new activities/events/advice that make him a “changed man.”

I’m no psychologist, but this constant personality switching (and you’ll see the ugly one again soon anyway) seems rather schizoid to me. People don’t just suddenly and completely change into different people.

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Honestly, we couldn’t stop laughing.  At least the craziness is sometimes funny.  Mostly annoying if not scary because of the poor kids.

But every once and a while, there’s a hilarious gem.



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Our BM has been doing yoga for years and got SD28 the clingy, NPD, mini-wife into it as well and it didn't do a damn thing for either of those two. BM even adds homeopathy to it and has cures for everything. Too bad she can't figure out a cure for NPD.

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As much as I laugh at this, I will go ahead and send the complimentary word of doubt. They can fake it, but it never sticks for too long. Meditation on a rug and some body flips won’t change a leopard’s spots...and even less likely chill the proverbial demon that is a HCGUBM 

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Oh, yes, yoga. BM over here would be all over it, if only there was a pose called 'mouth to dick'.